Monthly Archives: August 2010

Fantasy Football.

It has Begun!

While some people plan for the latter half of the working week about how they will barbecue and grill for their friends who they invited over, My Sunday was spent preparing for a new season of fantasy football. Yes, Ummm… football season is almost here again, that time of year when most normal folks are getting ready to rake the leaves, harvest the crops, or maybe go to the local ammunition store and get ready for bow/deer hunting, I am devotedly preparing for football. So much so, that I will be taking off from work early on Thursday night to go to a preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs.
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Check out Amish in the City

Check out the video gallery where you’ll find clips of the reality TV show I was in, Amish in the City!

New Website and Career!

This is my new website, for all who haven’t heard I am no longer in the construction biz.