Monthly Archives: December 2010

When all Else Fails

After a long and stressful week, the middle aged married couple finally
drop the kids off at the sitters and head out to Red Lobster for a night
together on the town. Between the garlic bread for appetizers, and the breaded shrimp, it
becomes ever more apparent to the Mrs. that her husband is distracted
with his own thoughts. So much so, in fact, that he has barely spoken a
word all night to her, and his answers are abrupt and to the point. Why,
he hasn’t even noticed the nice dress she bought for this special occasion.
By the evening’s end, the Mrs. is convinced she has lost him completely,
and that there is surely another in his life. She can’t help but wonder where she went wrong.
Was it that time when he came home and dinner wasn’t waiting on the table for him?
Was it because she spent a little too much money at that last garage sale?
She lies in bed feeling him tossing and turning as his tortured soul finally falls into a light sleep.
Well when all else fails, there is always the trusted old Journal to tell the sad tale.
Frantic as to know the real truth behind this devastating turn of events,
she turns to his trusted old journal. There on the last updated page she
finds these 5 incriminating words written in scribbled ink. “Missed the big Buck Today!”
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