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November 2010

The Best Month

Every person on earth if he or she looks back, can think of something somewhere that impacted their life in a positive way, Quite possibly even altered the path they were taking in life. I can think of many such moments in my past. Some of the notable mentions would be these.

1. When I chose to teach school as an Amish teenager. Some of the most rewarding years of my life!

2. The day I finally chose to leave the Amish and my family behind for good.

3. And finally, the day I committed to marry a woman who was non-Amish.

There were many more, but I am about to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of probably the most important month of my life! NOVEMBER 2010! There are 3 big deals that happened during this month that I will mention in story format.

The first and smallest of these was this. Read more »