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102: Culture Clash

I remember exactly the time and place I was walking when I got the call from a private number. I answered and a voice said, ” Is this Mose Gingerich? This is Hwy patrol Officer ____.” Anytime I get a call like that, my heart drops out of my bottom. I knew someone was in serious trouble, if not dead. There is also some calming sense that washes over me when some complete unexpected tragedy like that pops out of nowhere. Instead of folding up on the floor or panicking, I remember asking details in a clear voice. Over the next few moments I gathered that Jonas Stutzman had had a prettyy severe car accident, Was told he had responded when officials arrived upon the scene, but was not responding now. I was also told he had been thrown out throught the moonroof of his car, landed right over the edge of the shoulder of the road, the car had sailed over the top of him and landed up against the fense. He was enroute to the hospital. Read more »

101 review

So in this blog I wanted to review a little bit of 101, and then talk about the upcoming 102 episode. In 101 there were no real surprises. I was quite nervous as to how it would be received. And who says a man can’t multi-task? Here I was holed up in my basement, Live Tweeting, answering facebook Messages, Emails, and text Messages. However, when I had a few people actually trying to call, even I reached my maximum of Multi-tasking abilities.

I wanted to comment on the fact that the next morning I was so drained mentally and physically from all the excitement and anticipation that it was a little harder then usual to be at work by 8:00 and put in a full 14 hr day, but as usual, I survived. Sometime that day, somewhere between feeling overwhelmingly like the world and everything was coming at me too thick and too fast, and watching the clock on the wall begging for it to spin faster so I can go home and relax, I found myself questioning how I ever got to this point. How did I allow myself to get to where I have so much going that I am questioning whether I can handle it all at once? Then it hit me. I did this. I brought this upon myself. I am a busy body who loves to have as much going and be as active as possible. It is only on rare moments where it comes at me faster then I can handle. With that thought in mind, I smiled, calmed down, and kept doing what I do.

101: I have to admit, I anticipate that this episode will be the least watched of any of the other 9. I say this because all of us from film crew, office staff, editors, producers, and beginning stages of the cast, were just getting to know each other. It took several episodes to really begin to click. For that reason, I figured the opening episode Read more »

Episode 101 of Amish: Out of Order

The moment has arrived. Kickoff is just around the corner. For over a year now, I have spent every hour, minute, and even second of my spare time it seems, filming. I have put so much sweat, blood, and often even tears into this 10 part series… and now, it is officially the time for it to air. How will it do. Will it be rated highly? will it be average? Does it matter? Bottom line is, this is something I believe in, and feel in some weird sort of way, this is what I am destined to do.

I do not remember when was the last time that I was so nervous. After spending the last few days before the show doing over 30 radio shows US wide for promotion, And making sure my computer is ready to try this new thing called “live tweeting” during the show, (something NatGeo wanted) here we go.

A little about the show. This is a 10 part documentary following my life story, my new families, and that of some of my ex Amish friends in and around Columbia, Mo. since they left the Amish. It begins with the Yoder boys going out to an Amish community and picking up a new kid who wishes to leave. Problem is, the kid backs out and they just wasted 7 hrs of driving. At some point during the 10 episodes, I will be taking a road trip, which takes me through Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and finally, Pennsylvania. It follows a good friend of

Chris L. lands heavy punches on his opponent.


mine who wishes to become an MMA fighter, Read more »