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It is Written, or is it…

   When I look back now over the span of the time it took to film the entire Series of Amish: Out of Order, and I realize exactly how much went into making this show a success, I shutter at the memories of how fragile the hinges were for a while on it ever hitting the big screen.

   There were Four very important people who worked on this project! People who believed in the project, and once they committed to it, were going to see it through come hail or high water!

   Each and every one of these Four people was a huge piece of the puzzle in the making of and holding together of this show. I believe with all my heart, that if you take one of these Four pieces of the puzzle out of the picture at any part of the show, the show would have certainly and soundly come to a screeching halt, and the world would have never seen this wonderful piece of inside information into the life’s of myself and a handful of my Ex Amish friends. Truly by the teaming up of these Four individuals, a masterpiece came together that will last forever, and one that I will never regret having been involved in and will always be proud of.

                                                       Getting my face powdered

   The first of these Four, Daniel Laikind, Owner and Founder of Stick Figure Productions, also a co producer of my previous series/reality show, Amish In the City, aired on UPN back in 2004, was the original turning wheel in this process. Without him behind me, encouraging me, Read more »

R.I.P Cephas Yoder

In dedication to Cephas Yoder, I am in the process of starting an non for Profit foundation called the Cephas Yoder Foundation. Click the Link for more info.

Two Weeks after I left the Amish, I was on my way home from work in my little blue car. I woke up upside down in a creek with my head hanging in water and my seat belt holding me up just out of drowning reach. 3 days later I was released from The University Hospital in Columbia, Mo with only a crushed ankle, a seat belt burn, and a few other scratches. I reflect back now on how close my life had ended at 22 yrs old, and how I walked away from hitting a concrete wall at 63 MPH head on. I can only thank the lord for letting me live.

9 years later I am sitting in my office at work in the finishing stages of selling a car and my phone started ringing. Out of respect for my customer, I didn’t answer, but when it rang from 5 different people in several minutes, I suspected the worse.

Cephas during a photo shoot July 2011

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Leaving a way of Life, and leaving this life

You know you’ve become too involved with a show when you are walking down the hallway at the dealership, walk by the door to the mens’ room with a sign hanging on the door that says, OUT OF ORDER, and you feel a overpowering urge to get your sharpie out and write above it, AMISH: That’s when you know it’s time to get out of Dodge for a while.

                                     Playing football in Indiana during some down time

In this part of my blog, I wish to point out that I was thrilled to see that not only did I not get as much face time on episode 8, but the times I was on there, I at least wasn’t bawling my eyes out about some past experiences or some future unforeseen dilemma. Rather, I find myself co signing for Albert Y, the father of 4 ex Amish boys who live in and around Columbia, Mo. Reuben, Levi, Chris, (featured) and finally the last one, Joni. I might add that Albert wasn’t the first ex Amish that I’ve co signed for, and probably won’t be the last either. My motto has always been that every ex Amish that leaves, deserves one chance. What they do with that chance, is up to them. A few have come back to bite me, but most of them, including Albert, are very responsible!

Although I had no way of knowing this when I co signed for some of them, now they are coming in to buy vehicles from me with the very same credit that I helped them to establish. As a matter of fact, between Albert Y and his 4 sons, they have bought a total of 9 vehicles from me in the last year. This is when you know that there is such a thing as karma, no good deed goes unnoticed, or “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”. After all, how could I have known back in the early 2000’s that I would in the future, be selling cars?

Michaela finally gets a fair chance at the Amish life in a place where they were lenient enough to allow the cameras in and actually show faces. However, she learned the hard way, same as I, that just because Read more »