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My Life and some Excuses

I write this Blog because I felt in fairness to all the viewers of the show “Amish: Out of Order” who wish to have more interaction with the rest of the cast of this show and myself, you should know why you may have repeatedly tried to contact me or them and gotten no response.

Speaking for the rest of the cast in general, it was extremely difficult to get them on board to do any filming simply because every Amish or ex Amish I know, loves their privacy. Try and take someone who has no desire to be in the spotlight, be famous, or socialize with people outside of their circle, and then try to take this person and convince them to participate in a TV show for the world to see.

That alone is a huge undertaking! Then take this person after the show is over, and expect them to open their life’s to all the people who seen it and were touched by it, probably just won’t happen. It should not be too hard to understand that the cast has a right to their privacy.

Speaking for myself, after doing “Amish in the City” back in 2004 1 1/2 yrs after leaving the Amish, I was that guy. The guy who had no internet, no Facebook profile, no email, etc. Therefore I was never contacted by anyone. Seldom was I even recognized in the streets or at the County fair. This was exactly how I wanted it, and looking back, I would not have been able at that time to handle the publicity.

It goes without saying that since then, I have become more open minded and social to the public, but I will never in my life get to a point where I am comfortable embracing publicity or fame.

When you see the films I have been involved with, if you see me speaking in a sincere tone of voice, and you hear something you can relate to, that touches you, or you even convince yourself that if we have tons in common, and that if we only met, we could be lifelong friends, I want to tell you how I think that happened.



                                                    My fried brain turning to Mush

In order for myself to open myself up that broadly on TV, this is the only way I could do it. I have to get on a complete and personal comfort level with each and every camera man, sound guy, and producer person. The person that I am talking to next to the camera, knows every stitch of my life, has met my family, and I know a lot about him. Only then can I sit there and open up to that person asking me questions, and I can speak freely. Understand this. If there is a stranger standing in the background Read more »

The First Ten Years

I will never forget the look on my younger brother’s face through the rear view mirror of the old 1988 Diesel injected Volkswagen. It was a look of disbelief. A look that asked “Why”? Why would you just walk out and leave me and the others for an evil life in the world? After all those years we spent together. Years of back breaking labor side by side in the fields plowing, planting, shocking oats, husking corn. Years of cutting down trees with a hand held 2 man saw out in our woods, where we’d take a break and I’d spend the time telling him imaginary stories about living in the Wild among the Indians and hunting with bows and arrows. Also years of work side by side in our sawmill shed.

Heck, until we were about 13 and 14, we even shared the same bed. A bed where when it was 25 or 30 below zero in Frigid Wisconsin, we would curl up under the double quilt in the cold, unheated upstairs and put our backs against each other for warmth until the shivering went down enough for us to doze off to sleep.                                            Me in the Middle, with 2 younger brothers

Later on in years, we went hunting and fishing together, and finally, even went to the Singens together. However, somewhere along the way, I started getting into the radios and music, and the world truly began calling in a much stronger way. My younger brother, on the other hand, was completely happy with staying at home on the farm and sawmill, working from dawn to dusk by the sweat of his brow, possibly eventually starting a family, and remaining in the Amish community forever.

If we grew apart ever so slightly Read more »