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Breaking Amish

There is a new series out called “Breaking Amish”. It is being aired on TLC. It airs on Sunday nights. But I am sure you already knew that. Anyone who has been following my show or just Amish people or events in general, has probably heard of it, and possibly been following it.

In this blog, I wish to acknowledge this, and several other questions that I get from time to time from people. I will try and answer, to my best of abilities, the top 5 questions asked recently. Many of you have read most, if not all of these questions

                                                              Breaking Amish 2012

in previous blogs, but those blogs have since moved so far down that a lot of people haven’t read them, so here goes.

Question #5. “I feel that God wants me to help these ex Amish kids. Read more »

I have a Fantasy, do you?

After enduring the summer heat, which often rose well above 100 degrees, and going through one of the driest summers I’ve seen here in the mid western states, it looks like we finally are getting a break from the heat.

For the first 22 yrs of my life, I grew up on a farm. I learned early on that when you live upon the land, and all the animals on the farm live upon the land, rain is extremely important. Indeed, it seems almost unfair that what is considered stressful in my world today, is so much different then it was 15 years ago.

The driest I ever remember it being, was when I was 8 and 9 back in 1987 and 1988. We went through a drought in Wisconsin where we had to buy a lot of food from stores for the family, because the garden wasn’t producing well. We had to buy corn, hay, and even oats for the farm animals.

To this day, I find that I by default, go back to the farm Read more »