Monthly Archives: June 2014

The wake up call

The screen glared back into my eyes like my 7th grade teacher after she caught me turning around in class. I blindly fumbled for my morning cup of coffee. Making a feeble attempt at getting an early morning buzz, I had mixed it half regular, half Starbuc002_(2)ks. The rain drizzled outside in the warm spring weather. Rain always put me into a mood of lazy dreaminess.

Every sales person in any profession can relate to the “Slump”. That stretch when you begin questioning everything you thought you ever knew about selling. I was in the midst of one such slump. A stretch where newbies were selling to people who were “just looking”, while I couldn’t sell a five-time repeat customer who came in by appointment with a checkbook in hand.

I was mulling in my misery, listening to the little demon sitting on my shoulder Read more »