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An Ex Amish Independence

                                                               March 14, 1994

The boy adjusted his gallouses and tried not to look over his shoulders as the family farm disappeared slowly behind him. The red barn was the reminder to fade, reminding him of the life he was leaving behind. It was early afternoon. The snow was only about sixteen inches deep. He pulled apart the middle two strands of the barb wire fence and climbed through. His mind was made up. The world held too much for him to remain captured on such a small island for the rest of his life. The men in the community who had become his father since his own father had passed two years earlier, were not going to rule him and his life ever again. He was an adult now. He would make his way and live the sinner’s life that he had been warned about since he was a child sitting between his little brothers on the hard church pews listening to the bishop preach against the evils of the world. Now he would live the life that he wanted to live during this short time on earth, and then he would die, go to hell and face the consequences forever. It was a decision he had wrestled with, and now at fourteen, he was ready. He was at peace.










          Summer 1997


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