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Amish and Politics

I can stop right here, with less than 1 paragraph. But let me back up a step, and focus on where I came from.
   In an Amish community, politics, who is in and who is about to get in, who is Democrat or Republican, is not exactly at the top of their list of things to discuss.
   I do remember, at age 10 or 11, my dad having a conversation with a logger from the outside world, and asking him what the difference is between Democratic and Republican. I remember it leaving an impression on my mind, when he said that Democrats, as a rule, are more conservative, and Republicans are always trying to push for more. Always trying to incorporate new things before America is ready for them.
   I have to admit, I have found it to be exactly the opposite in my 10 yrs since I’ve been outside. This leads me to believe that this logger was either misinformed, or there has been a switch in who is liberal and who is not. Keep in mind, this conversation would have been in the late 1980’s.
   I have mentioned before, how in 2001, when the World Trade Centers were attacked, I was close to the end of my Amishhood, and was teaching School in a one room school-house in Yoder, KS. Events like this, that occurred in the outside world, had such a small impact among the Amish, that although I had heard murmurs about it, I did not know what had happened until probably almost 2 weeks later.
   Although I was aware who was the President at that time, it meant nothing to me. In Short, Amish and Politics do not run hand in hand very well where I come from.
Indeed, the Amish communities do not pay attention to the outside world and what is going on within it, unless it appears it will affect them and their culture and beliefs.
   If I tell you that, and now tell you that I have only been outside for just over 10 yrs, it should be pretty easy for one to recognize the fact that things have not changed very much for me.
   However, I would be in denial if I claimed that I am not aware of the upcoming election, and all the hype surrounding it. Every time I turn on the TV or radio, I am bombarded by some Political Campaign ad, or an “I approve this message” clip.
   Therefore, this year, for the first time ever, I actually sat down and watched a Political Debate. It was the one where the Woman was controlling the conversation and a group of people who were still undecided about who to elect, were asking questions from the audience.
   I was quite unimpressed by how both candidates come out swinging, and I strongly felt, started over promising what they will do if they get elected. It was disheartening for me, a first time watcher, to watch, because I got the impression that each had been counseled on what to say, how to answer specific questions or attacks, and it all seemed way too polished and too good to be true.
   In the end, I was left with as many or more questions as I had when it began. Each of the two parties had legitimate points, and I could easily have taken either side. I was discouraged by my perception that each is saying exactly the right things that it will take to give them the best chance to get into the White House.
   I, including many people, I’m sure, would love to actually hear the truth about what is actually going through these Mens’ minds. Will they actually do these things with all their hearts, souls, and minds, with everything in their power, once they are in the White House, or will they make a feeble attempt at a few of them, and then justify it by saying, “I tried”?
   I would have loved to just once, have heard one of them, if asked a question, say something like this. {example}  QUESTION: “What can you do for our country on the issue of education”? ANSWER: “I have no intention of doing anything about it. I think we are good on education, and I will put my focus and energy on things like our National Debt Problem”.
   OK. I am as much or more for higher education as the next person, but if I would’ve heard an unpolished answer like that come out of one of their mouths, I would have almost certainly began to lean toward that band wagon. However, I understand to some extent, that this is politics, and that there are Political advisors for each party who have tons more knowledge on this issue then I have, who know the ins and outs of what each party needs to say in order to give them the best chance to get elected. I am only speaking for what myself, as an unbiased, uneducated, Political rookie would have liked to hear. That is a little thing called HONESTY, TRUTH, and SINCERITY!
   I, on the other hand, do have an opinion on this election, and although this blog is not designed to try to sway readers opinions, because trust me, I have learned, the hard way, that the majority of voters already have an opinion, and as this blogs goes along, I will make it known what my views are, for better or worse.
   I would like to insert, here in the fine print, that I am not trying to create a political online debate, a war of words, but rather to write a simple blog about one small person in society who has been vaguely following Politics more and more with the new election approaching. Trust me, I am well aware that I do not have the ammunition, experience, history, or power to argue, debate, or even stand ground on any opinions or observations I may have. However, the opinions will come, and I am cool with that.
   What I do have, however, that works to my advantage, that most of the Americans do not have is a fresh view-point. I do not come from a long family line of Politics. My ancestors were neither Democrat or republican. Rather, they were Religious, God-fearing folks who cared nothing about politics.
   Therefore, I, a newbie to the world, who would view myself as neither Democratic or Republican. I have the freedom of sitting back, view the upcoming election, watch the one Debate, and go strictly by my gut. I have the freedom to pick the person who I feel is the most qualified to run this country here and now, and do it on a level myself and my family can be proud of. I can do all this without any long political family line trying to influence or sway me.
   When I sit there, in the comfort of my living room, and watch Obama talking about how if he gets reelected, he will change America, decrease the National Debt, improve education, become more focused on oil within our own Country instead of leaning upon foreign countries, Frankly speaking, I call BS on it.
   It is hard for me to believe this since he has been in office now for 4 yrs, and yes, I will readily admit, some things have improved, but many have not.
   I am proud of the fact that most of our troops are now home, and it appears a decade long war is winding down. I am proud that the economy, especially in my neck of the woods hasn’t necessarily gotten worse, but has maintained and quite possibly even ever so slightly improved.
   I am a man who dislikes debt. Obviously I need say no more on this subject.
   Finally, I was in the construction business as a small business owner for 6 years of the Bush administration, and only 2 yrs of the Obama era. As a small business owner, I can testify that it became significantly more difficult for me to make ends meet in my last 2 yrs of running my business. I, among many of my small business owner friends in this area, felt that the Obama administration, wasn’t exactly geared toward the benefiting the small man.
   Will Romney change this if he gets elected? I have absolutely no idea. I have no grounds for my opinion whatsoever on him, and frankly speaking, until 5 or 6 months ago, the name Romney held no meaning for me. So am I in a position to lean toward this guy. No. I have no grounds. What I have, is my gut feeling. It has seldom led me astray.
   It is way too early to make an assumption that I am a Republican for life. I have a feeling that in the next election, I will vote the same way. Maybe by the time my children and grandchildren come of age, a party will have become established.
   So why would I step out on the limb and vote for a person whom I know little or nothing about? I am not quite sure. Maybe the fact that he is a God-fearing man. Maybe the fact that, much like the majority of Americans did in 2008, when Obama was virtually unknown, they went by who they liked, because they wanted CHANGE, maybe I want that in this election. I want CHANGE.
   Although I have made up my mind on this matter, It was probably by a more narrow margin then I care to admit, because by nature, I am geared to stick with what has been working, and incorporating someone or something new, takes me out of my comfort zone, but I have made my decision on this one.
   That being said, if Obama gets reelected, I will be fine. Life will go on, and yes, I will continue to live in the United States. Still the greatest country by far in the world! And I will continue to try to abide by the laws of our nation set before me.
   I am smart enough to realize that it really doesn’t matter which Party gets into Office, 4 years is way too short of a time in this day and age, to make a significant difference in the White House! Therefore, I will vote for the person who I hope will focus more on the small man and his business during that small time frame, because although I now work for a large corporation, I will never forget where I came from, and I have a lot of friends who are still there, who because of religious reasons, will never get to place that vote.

As an after thought. If you, as a voter, got to make your own decision, had a choice, who would you choose to be our next President? I’m talking about outside the 2 men currently running?
   I would probably vote for Brett Favre, but I am afraid he would go down the path of Bill Clinton in showing his junk to white house reporters, and I would be apprehensive about him threatening retirement all the time. Heck, I could even see him throwing a Hail Mary to the other team once in a while. But I am a fan, and would probably actually vote for him.

   I am excited to say that Tuesday, November 6, 2012, is just around the corner, and this Political Rookie is about to go and place his first vote. And may whoever gets elected, be sensitive toward the Land of the Free, the home of the Brave!


  1. Carol Ann Carol Ann

    That’s a great blog Mose. I am 70 years old and have always voted in a Presidential election as well as most other elections. I am going to vote for Mitt Romney simply because President Obama hasn’t spent much time in the White House doing his job. He doesn’t meet with Congress as he should. He has too many “czars” running around not doing their jobs either. Mr. Romney, being Mormon, has a different sense of responsibility and I can only hope and pray that he will win the election and do a much better job of being President and running our country.
    Good Luck on your first election!

  2. Mose, I can tell you that I dread Tuesday.I have voted in every election since I could vote. I am now 64. I know who I will go with, because I have to put my faith into the person running, with some sort of hope in my heart. Obama is not the one and wasn’t in the last election. With each election,I picture all of our dead Presidents and fore-fathers who began this country and continued through the years to believe in its prayer and freedoms, are just turning over in their graves. We are literally fighting to not allow Obama to win again,to head us where he is determined with the help of other government “elected” officials,to Socialism. Many Americans know this. Sadly,other Americans do not have the fight or desire in them, to care one way or the other about us losing our freedoms bit by bit. I already voted by Absentee Ballot due to health reasons. It was the most trying time I had. In Michigan big wigs are trying to change the states constitution,so it is left to the voters to make the right choice. How frightning is this? Like Madelyn Murray O’Hare ,one woman who did not believe in God,got prayer taken out of schools forever. One person.(Her son actually became a ordained minister.) No one seemed to care and it has snow balled ever since,the “I can’t be bothered attitude”. I have written so many things on my facebook hoping people realize where we are headed if Obama continues. I was so scared at the thought and then my adult children reminded me,”God is in charge. He knows what needs to be done”. If I deny this, which I won’t,I would be denying my faith in my Father. But it is only human to be scared and I was. Now I am just disgusted that it has gotten as far as it has. I wrote one thing that went out into the “public” of facebook,though I am not public on there. I didn’t realize it had. I was actually called a ass hole. I would normally not swear,but putting those 2 words a part seems easier on the eye. He informed me,I sounded like a hick. Well I am hick,because I am a country gal. My sister has never voted in her life . I always remind her,One vote makes a huge difference. That one vote. Mose, I am proud that you wrote what you did. I am proud and thankful you CARED enough to write it. It seems some Americans just don’t realize, just how lucky they are to vote, to save a country they live in. One more thing. I havent forgotten the money for Cephas,I am almost to my goal. (: Thank you for your blogs Mose. God bless you and your wonderful family.My dad owned his own little Mason business. I remember hard times and sometimes good times,but no matter how poor we got,he always said with the biggest smile on his face,”I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight”. Hugs and smiles,GeeMa

    • Unfortunately repeatedly posting your political views on facebook won’t change anything. As a matter of fact, you will only wear out your welcome by some people you thought were your friends. As I stated in the above Blog, most people have already made up their mind, and you will probably not sway one opinion, therefore, yes, I can see why you are receiving strong resistance from Facebook friends.
      Whether or not I agree with you on the things you posted, is not very important. But this Blog was not posted to try and convert one party to the other side, or vice versa. Rather it is one Man’s opinion and views.
      However, Thank you for posting and participating in this blog, and keep staying active.

      • Oh my gosh Mose. I totally misunderstood the Reply part and shared my view. I was so thankful you cared enough to write all you did. I realize now I should have left it at that.GeeMa

  3. I grew up in a religious group that deliberately did not vote. Some would say though “if I were not a member of this religious group I would vote for so and so.” Having voted for the last 10 years now that I am “out” I remember that there are 535 people in Congress that put forth the suggested laws and vote on them. The president can veto those laws but Congress can vote over that. I have paid more attention to those running for the Senate and the House in my area as well as local people whose influence on what happens in this area is more direct. I have learned to communicate with those local ones. Also I realize we are all one human family on earth and I try to find ways to cooperate and work towards the common good.

  4. oberlefam

    Thank you for your thoughtful perspective.

  5. linda laird linda laird

    You have great thoughts and I am happy for you that you are getting a chance to vote in this election. I for one, has not particapated in voting in years for I really have lost faith in our Government. I know, I hear folks say your vote could make the difference, but I just don’t see how with the electoral votes that is what counts. I have voted in the past and have always been let down. But I do have my beliefs in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I know that the government people are doing their best to change both of them to suit their wants and needs, but it is what our forefathers had placed on this country that I still believe in. I love reading your blog Mose and will continue. I love the show and looking forward to seeing you and those sweet people again on the program. Just wanted to say…….

  6. LincNebr

    I am not happy with either major party. They both have some good points but they both also lie……well… stretch the truth. Sins of omission if you will.
    You missed it Mose, but I thought the first debate was actual good for Obama. But in this world where sensationalism sells over being the adult in the room, people say Obama lost the debate. Adrenaline junkies wanted to see Obama do a “gotcha” or two on Mitt. He didn’t. People want glitter and sparkles and things to distract them, and presidential candidates give them that because their handlers tell them it will get them votes.
    There use to be a time when men of good standing that had made it in the world would get into politics to use their expertise to help others. Now people with little track records get into politics for the perks. I want adults in charge of the country. Fair minded, workable adults. More than that, I wish the voters would stop looking for verbal fireworks from the candidates. I want the voters of both party’s to be able to call BS when their own person pulls stunts/lies. Be fair.

  7. katie0873

    I recently watched a video on YouTube called “This World: The Mormon Candidate”, kind of crazy info in it. Doubt you would have time to watch though.

  8. mansells4

    Hi Mose,
    I just wanted to wish you luck in the upcoming vote. Aside from the “politics” of it all, how exciting to have another new experience to add to your wonderful life. I live in Australia, and unlike USA it is compulsary for every adult (over the age of 18 here) to vote. The only choice we get, is who to vote for. I agree with you, the hardest part is do we stay with what we know – like or dislike OR do we vote for the unknown? Change is very hard for some people to deal with. I think it would be very comical to watch politicians (candidates) get up and have a debate about the truth and what they really believe they could achieve, and not tell us what they think we want to hear. I think the only way we can vote these days is with our “gut” feeling.
    Good luck, enjoy the experience. I wish you and your loved ones, happiness, health and love.
    p.s the only “debate” I will have with you, is the greatest country to live in. LOL!! Although, I have been to America twice and LOVED it and would like to take my family back one day.
    Live and love in health and happiness :-)

  9. Mose, I am 67 yrs old, and have voted for as long as I can remember. Sometimes Democratic, sometimes Republican. I always vote for the person I believe will do the best job, and has similar moral and ethical values. I always vote for God fearing people. My area of the country is so much more worse off than it was 4 yrs ago. I’ve seen what Romney has done over the years as a businessman, governor, and caring human being. A new administration is always scarey, but I feel we have to take that chance. I’ve watched my children loose their jobs under Obama, watched coal mines shut down, watched the violence from people killing each other for money and possessions. Romney believes in less government interference, which is something I hope comes to fruition. I feel we’ve been lied to the last 4 yrs, the constitution has been trampled on, and this beautiful country of ours been divided by race, sex, money, and class. Right now, I feel God has guided me to my personal decision. I don’t care what religion anyone is, as long as they have morals, ethics, and believe in a higher power. There are other Mormons in government, but no one seems to have a problem with that. Romney being Mormon shouldn’t have anything to do with it. I vote for the person, period.
    God Bless

  10. I do vote and have voted. I thank you for your thoughts Mose as a first time voter. I appreciate your attitude!
    I too am not Democrat nor Republican. I am a Christian. I have prayed a lot about this election. But my Faith in the end is….God is in control and no matter who is in office…HE is still God….and My Trust is in HIM.
    Thanks again! Love reading your blog.
    Kindly; Leana

  11. Thanks for your views. Voting is a right fought for, and we should stand up and vote no matter who we vote for, I will stand by anyone for that right no matter if they agree with me or not. What government does, does impact our lives, I am conservative… I make no apologies for it. I am neither democrat or republican I vote like you by my gut, and if I don’t like who is in office I will vote to get them out in the next election. No matter who is president they will make some good choices and some bad because in the end they are human. I love living in America though. Even with all that is wrong right now, and hopefully it will get better, with enough hard choices and work. That is all anyone can ask for. God Bles

  12. BeejSteph BeejSteph


    Thanks For Your Thoughts On This Upcoming Election!! It Was Great To Read, And Made So Much Sense To Me, As The Conservative Amish Mennonite Community I Grew Up In Did Not Place A Lot Of Value In Politics Either.
    Unlike You, I Will Not Be Able To Vote…Just Like The Last 15 Yrs. But No Matter Who Gets Elected, My Life Will Go On, And I Will Continue To Do My Part In The Community In Which I Live.
    Thanks So Much For Your Input!! I Always Look Forward To Reading Your Blog!! :) Have A Great Day Mr. Mose…Much Love to you And Your Family.

    • I understand where you’re coming from. My direct neighbors are Old Order Mennonite and I write to several Old Order Amish women…Their lives go on from day to day without knowing what in the world is going on outside of their bread baking, floor scrubbing, clothes mending and child rearing… In some ways that I envy these precious ladies. They have taught me so much by their life-style. But I am proud of the fact that I am able to vote for the candidate that I feel would be best for our country. I am proud to be an American and do pray that my son will grow up feeling a certain pride for his country. It will not be the same feeling I had, times are so different now. This is not the America that it once was. I pray that we will all remember God and pray that He will continue to bless us.

  13. I don’t trust no one

  14. shadowwarrior

    moses. as a 23 yr veteran and member of the spec ops community i have traveled the world and seen the face of communism across the world. sadly i see the ugly face of communism right here now. obama is a poster child for communism. the old democrat party has been taken over by communism. obama is all for abortion and here in illinois voted for a bill that would allow doctors to kill any baby that survived a botched abortion. to me thats murder.same sex marriage goes against every thing i was taught in church and obama is all for it. no man can save this country. we are so far removed from gods protection now the only thing that will save us is a great awakening of belief and obedience to gods word. romney wants to help us get there

    • jennifernaomi

      I pity you. Obama is not “all for abortion”. Obama is “all for” giving women the right to decide what they want to do with their own bodies. I am sorry to hear that you can’t think for yourself and live your life by what your “church” taught you. You have been manipulated by your church and what they decided to tell you about God. Think for yourself- have you ever really tried to do that? Or to put it into words you might understand, What would Jesus do?

  15. Congratulations Mose, on taking the step to vote. It is not just a right, but an obligation to vote as a US citizen. I was just thinking this morning that perhaps they need to look at extending the length of time a president serves, it takes at least 4 years to correct the previous person’s errors. The only elections I don’t tend to vote in are the primaries because you have to vote for a particular party. I was taught to vote my conscience, and I have always done that. It sounds like that’s what you will be doing too, and ballots are private, so you need not share who you voted for.

  16. shadowwarrior

    if you study the bible you will find there is a great arguement for the need to vote. obedience to the government was high on jesus s list as was appointing people who would follow the laws established by jesus. a great majority do not vote because they are just too damm lazy to do the work to educate themselves and then hold the politicians feet to the fire. sadly i believe that the great experiment called america is about gone. maybe thats why america is not mentioned in the bible. if obama is reelected the country will not survive

  17. jennifernaomi

    It is interesting to me that someone coming from your background where certain rights are denied that you would lean towards voting for a candidate who is opposed to giving tax paying, hard working, community leading members of society their basic civil rights. That should be the first issue on your list.

    • I suppose then, that you would find it even more interesting that probably 97 to 98% of all Amish and ex Amish, if they were allowed to vote, would vote for Romney as well?

      • jennifernaomi

        Good question. The currently Amish? Yes, I would expect no less since they are so ultra conservative in their views because they are blinded by their interpretation of the bible. The ex Amish- that would surprise me more. You would think that they would have a bit more perspective and not be as swayed. I would hope that they would care about people getting the civil rights they deserve. I would attribute their vote for Romney to reflect a lack of education and a lifetime of religious brain-washing. Aside from this, I do have the utmost respect for the way you contribute your time and efforts to helping people wishing to leave the Amish. I only feel sorry that the ex Amish, at least the ones portrayed on television, look to God for the answers instead of asking themselves how they feel about the issues. It’s almost as though they have left one vigorous set of rules to live by and have to clench onto another set of rules because they don’t know how to live any other way.

        • Clearly this topic is coming down to are you a religous person, or are you not?
          If you are a religious, God Fearing person, as am I and most of my friends with Amish ties, then looking to God for an answer is encouraged.
          If you are not, then the argument you are making is a very valid one.
          Again. It’s America, where we get to choose who and what we want to believe. Both sides make a very strong case.

  18. Mose, I didn’t realize you taught school in Yoder, KS. I just moved to Wichita for my job. I like to go driving out near Yoder on the weekends. It’s beautiful country out there — wish that was where the job was instead of here in the city :)

  19. Dearest Mose: I can relate to conflicts about politics and one’s cultural/religious influences. I was raised as part of a huge, very tirutalistic denomination, certainly the largest “denomination” in Christendom, though I’m hearing that half of them now believe in homosexual “marriage” and many of them have no big issue with abortion, though perhaps they don’t relaize that “abortion,” besides all the other issues, in this nation also invovles the clearly murderous “partial birth abortion” in which all but the head of a full-term infant is delivered and then the doctor plunges surgical shears into the infants skull where its base joins the neck. Though I got a lot of biblical education for three years with an ultra-conservative, clanish group who considered it wrong to even vote because God sets up and puts down leaders. However, I have ultimately decided that when it comes to infanticide we’re talking about something a bit different than just “Democrat or Republican” or British “Labor vs. Torrey.” I decided for me that I must always vote against infanticide when I have the opportunity rather than try to explain to God someday that I didn’t vote because of my religious scruples about Him setting up and putting down who He will. On the “Day of Discovery” TV broadcast today the speaker/teacher was in Turkey at the ancient ruins of the city of Ephesus, the first of the seven churches addressed in the Revelation, chapters 2 an 3. One thing that came out was that the cruel persecutor of the Christians, the Emperor Domitian, had “honored” Ephrsus with being one of the cities to receive a temple to hia own worh=ship. As part of this arrangement, all who entered into the marketplace to buy or sell were required to take a pinch of incense and thrown it on the altar there to the emperor. Obam with his his HHS Secretary Sibelius, reortedly with the adviceof his political advisor, Valerie Jarret, has instigated a rule that requires even Christian employers who object to abortion as a matter of conscience to provide abortion insruance coverage for their employees. To my knowledge there has never been this kind of nakeed totalitarian attack on freedom of religion and conscience in this nation every before. Obama doesn’t want incense b, Hobby Lobby (urned on his altar, but actual babies. Though there are court challenges pending on this issue, if they fail Christian employers, such as the Green family’s “Hobby Lobby,” will be forced to submit or else pay daily fines of $1.5 million which would close them anyway. We living in a very dark time for our nation.

    • Goodness. I regret to say that I have read your entire post several times, and can’t figure out how to respond to any of it. However, thank you for posting.
      Not that I agree or disagree with any of it. Maybe my mind just isn’t quite capable of thinking as in depth as yours, but this is out of my league…

  20. Jamalbi007

    I have never wished for a third person running like in this election. I feel all politicians are the same. They will say whatever you want to hear to get your vote. Hopefully whoever wins will bring this Country back from such dark economic times but I am afraid neither of the two have what it takes. I already voted so we’ll see. I enjoyed what you had to say Mose.

  21. AmazingMom AmazingMom

    I’m not AMISH, but I am fasinated by the Amish culture. I like to read the Amish fiction writers and I’ve watched Amish Out of Order -back when it was still on and I’m watching Breaking Amish. With all that being said…, I grew up in a VERY CONSERVATIVE atmosphere, staunchly Republican. As an 18 yr old, I was basically strongly encouraged to register to vote as a Republican. But after the last election 2008 was done, I was strongly convinced that I did not fit the solid mold of a Republican mindset and neither was in in a Democratic frame of mind SO, I changed my party to an Independent. On this election 2012, I’m not thrilled with either candidate-seriously not thrilled at all. However with that being said, I held my nose tightly and voted for Mitt Romney. I decided that I couldn’t vote for Obama and his Obamacare plan. AmazingMom

  22. JustJean

    Hi Mose
    I am also from Australia and it’s a very rare thing for me to post on a blog. I understand and appreciate your feelings as far as being a “newbie” when it comes to the world of politics. I work for the Government and every day I feel like I sell a little more of my soul to the “powers that be” and their political vomit. I believe that you are an educated man and will not make a choice based just on “instinct” or “gut feeling”. Don’t get me wrong, exactly these things have, in the past, directed or guided me to make life changing decisions. I was raised a Catholic girl and if anything that showed me “what not to be”. Please at least let Wikipedia be your friend and look at Romney, Obama and the newly elected Premier of Queensland aka “Can do” Campbell Newman. Don’t vote to “oust” what you perceive to be wrong without thinking of what you are potentially voting “in”. From my heart, at least read it.

  23. Steve Seim Steve Seim

    Mose, as a younger man I was almost obsessed with politics. Being an informed citizen is important, and I will always vote pro-life. But, as I get older, and make some of the same observations of the system that you’ve made, I am coming to see that there is some wisdom in the Amish view of politics as well. “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.” Psalm 146:3

    On a lighter note, and as a fellow Cheesehead, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’ve lost all respect for Brett. Bart Starr – he might make a good president.

  24. SpiritualJourney

    I was enamored by this blog post. I was grateful for the insight of someone on the outside looking in.
    In response to those who will side with one candidate or the other, let me offer you this.
    First, I used to be LDS (Mormon). All the rumors you hear about secret temple ceremonies, etc. let me tell you something, they are all true. Men control their women in the LDS Church – I’m sorry, I cannot with a good conscious and that of a Christian woman, support a candidate who would have that much control.
    I am voting for Barack Obama, end of story.
    Thank you Mose, always, for telling it like it is and I hope to see you again soon on “Amish Out of Order” because it is certainly a better representation of your former life than “Breaking Amish”.
    Again, all who think Mitt is the best candidate – just be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for ………

    • Again, this is a blog where any advice or opinion is accepted. It is sad to hear of how the Mormons treat there women, but good to raise awareness.

    • Garden Gnome

      Spiritual Journey,

      I am sorry to read that you feel the LDS church advocates the subjugation of women. I am a LDS wife and mother and I have never experienced (nor witnessed) anything close to that. Quite the contrary: I have always been treated like an exalted daughter of our Father in Heaven. Here are two examples of the church’s teachings on the subject:

      “The place of woman in the Church is to walk beside the man, not in front of him
      nor behind him. In the Church there is full equality between man and woman. The
      gospel, which is the only concern of the Church, was devised by the Lord for men
      and women alike” (Improvement Era, Mar. 1942, p. 161).

      “The Apostle Paul taught that “neither is the man without the woman, neither the
      woman without the man, in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 11:11). In the sight of God,
      and in the marriage relationship, men and women are equally important.”

      In every group, religious, political, club, etc., there exists those who do not abide by the rules/teachings and impose their will on others. Please do not let a bad experience or a person not making good choices cloud your view of an entire religious body.

      I believe as a Christian woman myself that I can not vote to re-elect President Obama. I feel that I do not share his values. I am voting for Gov. Romney not because we share a religious affiliation but because I feel we need his skill set to put our wonderful nation back on the right path.

  25. mansells4

    How are you feeling Mose after the result?

  26. But then again, I have never fallen into the bracket of the majority, so it only makes sense that I chose to side with the under dog again…..
    Congratulations to Mr Obama on 4 more years. The majority of American citizens decided he is more qualified to run this country then Romney.
    Now for the good part….. I get to listen to the radio and TV for the next 3 1/2 yrs before I have to go through this again, and yes, you guessed it, I will probably take the under dog again….

    • Just throwing in my two cents (for what its worth)… I personally am going to consider voting for third party candidates. When I think of the under dog that is what comes to my mind.

  27. As I watched the results come in last night, I had to go to bed simply “Resting in the Lord.” Perhaps those of us who are Christians need to do a bit of soul searching and remind ourselves that this world is not our home, we are just passing through. God wants so desperatly to be in control of every area of our lives. May we give Him that right and trust Him as we endure another Obama Administration.

  28. maconvert

    In my 42 years I’ve seen 2 distinct types of Christians: those who DO good and those who are too busy fighting evil to do good. From what I’ve seen of the two candidates, Obama seems to follow Jesus example more than Romney. As for being on the right track, I’m Canadian and our government is closer to the Democrat’s vision for America. Our economy is stronger per capita than the US. No one worries about getting sick here. Our education system is decent. Our standard of living is quite comfortable. In our elections, when the other party wins (NOTE: I’m not a big fan of our current administration), we immediately accept the result and move on. We’re not so divided. We take care of each other. Anyway, when it comes to the underdog, Romney never fought for the underdog. He fought for himself and Bain capital. For big business, not the middle-class. The reason that Obama hasn’t accomplished what he’s set out to do is because the Republican party had publicly said that their PRIMARY focus was to deny him a second term, not help improve the country. The policies of the Republican party are the reason your country is in the state it’s in. Obama is trying to clean up the mess. Please let him do it and support him.

  29. porfd5423

    I have to say the main thing that makes my mind up for me is a very big issue during elections and that is who is prolife! Prolife candidate always makes my mind up. That is just my belief to each their own. I personaly believe most if not all politicians are dirty and say what they believe people wanna hear. We as people really dont have the say so the electoral college does. Just my thoughts hope all is well with you mose i havent forgot about you!

  30. coralbells

    I was thrilled to see Obama winning another term in
    the White House! He is a good and honest man and my thoughts are with him and his family.

    It was appalling to hear white republican men talk about “legitimate rape” and “God’s will” if a woman becomes pregnant from a rape. Romney had numerous chances to condemn this and other trashy talk and he said nothing. As Huntsman said “he’s like a weather vane blowing in the wind.” I think that the women in this country dodged a bullet.

    Mose, I first wanted to thank you for your TV show but things got turned around here! I come from Mennonite background and grew up with many Amish neighbors and relatves. I recognized several places in the show. I live in another state now and am no longer Mennonite. I think that religion oppresses women. There are so many religions where women are not treated equally. And by the way Romney’s Mormon church is very guilty of this. I have studied and read about this subject extensively. This is another good reason that we have a Christian in the White House for another term. I am greatly relieved! Again thanks.

  31. The old saying is that politics and religion are not discussed in polite company. Both involve faith/belief – and you cannot argue with a strong belief, no matter what evidence and good reasoning contradicts the belief. So, those topics lend themselves to intractable arguments. If you read up through the comments, you will see evidence of this reality. :)

    Most people don’t understand politics and government, and even fewer understand economics. Our collective ignorance makes it easy for politicians to maneuver around substance and get our votes by feeding us pap and fluff – mostly image and one-liners which add up to mere propaganda.

    I’ve found this analogy to be helpful: The Dems are the “mommy” party. Mom wants to take care of you. If you have a need, she wants to meet it. The Reps are the “daddy” party. Dad will do what he thinks is best for you, even if you don’t like it.

    The Dems have a big advantage because right around half of Americans have their hands out – they want government to do things for them. There has been a shift in American character away from self-reliance and toward dependancy, and that shift bodes well for the mommy party until the day the checks aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

    But that analogy doesn’t completely explain where we are now because “Dad” has been effeminized. We now have a big government party – that’s the Republicans. Yes, that’s what I said. The Reps spend money just a little less than the Dems, but the only significant difference is what they spend money on. The Dems are the massive government party. Every time any problem arises, you can count on them to introduce new spending so that mommy can take care of someone.

  32. papercityquilts

    Hi Moses.
    It has been fascinating to watch your presidential race, we in Australia have a different system and it is much shorter. I am amazed at the amount of money that has been spent on the pres tour, surely we could do so much more with the money.
    I hope the next 4 years is better for you all, and the war is ended and we can all get our young men back where they belong.

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