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  1. Didn’t Amos get a tattoo? Is that not allowed in the Amish? Also I think all the other “Amish” shows on tv are confusing the viewers. But those ex Amish are trying to become famous. It’s really a very shallow show compared to your show.

    1. Thanks Tilly. One can always remove a tatoo. If it leaves a scar, so be it. At least it shows to them, that he tried.

      In regards to the other Amish shows, I have no control over them, but can you imagine what would’ve happened if our show hadn’t come out first, and viewers would have nothing to compare them to.

      1. Hey Mose, if your show hadn’t come out first I think a lot of them wouldn’t exist. The network they aired on has a tendency to “copy cat” shows that get good ratings and their versions are always horrible in comparison. Anyway, as someone who was inexplicably addicted to your show I appreciate the updates!

  2. Thank you for the update Mose. While I certainly don’t pry into the lives of others, it is nice to get an update. I hope they all do well on whatever path they have chosen. :)

  3. Hi Mose, So good to hear from you. I miss your TV show so much, we lived thru your eyes. Interestingly enough other TV shows have tried to exploit the Amish. I feel so sorry for the young people that are doing thier TV show about ExAmish. To bad you couldn’t have been an influence in their lives, so sad to see their little lost souls….You, to me, were searching for God. I am sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope your family is doing well.

    Please consider doing the TV show again. Really, it was very spiritual. I know God met you on many occastions. I believe the lives you touched with the show were truly blessed.

    Thanks again,

  4. Saw Abe just the other day. He looks like he is doing great and very happy (and of course Peaches was all wags).

  5. Thanks so much for your update! I have had a lot of hits on my website with people wondering about a season 2. I’m thankful you have kept us up to date on the people that we grew to love from watching the series. I pray that you and your family are doing well. Please pass along to the folks from the show that people are happy for them and respect their decisions.

    In Christ,
    Geoff Gentry

    1. I have been watching the amish out of order series and just wanted to say that I think you are a most remarkable person. I also wanted to say that you struck a note in one of the episodes I just watched when you were talking about how you received letters when you were leaving the amish talking about your going to hell. You spoke of your struggle to overcome the thinking that had been put into you from all your years of upbringing in that community. I was Pentecostal for many years and when I left I felt much the same. Really today I still feel that way sometimes too, and I fight to truly believe that I am a good enough person. I love God and am still a believer and a Christian but I had come to a place in my life where I simply refused to believe just because I was afraid of going to hell. I didn’t and don’t think that fear is a good reason to follow Christ. I think it is love, His love for us all. I grew up hearing hellfire and brimstone and that just broke my heart. Then I was fortunate enough to come to a church where they actually talked about Christ’s love. I still struggle as there used to be so many rules and regulations but I realize that a lot of them were really rather man made and not God ordered. I have studied and learn more about the Bible every day. I just want to say thank you for the things that you have done for those young people seeking to find their way in the world outside. I admire your sense of community and commitment to keeping the things that were important to you and integrating them into the life you have chosen. You are a blessing and I just wanted you to know that. Thank you .

  6. Thanks for these updates Moses. Always wondered what happened to these people. You are truly an inspiration to many people. I wish the other shows were as truthful as yours. Michaela will be just fine and tell her congrats on the baby.

  7. Great to see an update of where everyone is.

    Where you surprised when Amos returned to the Amish community?

    1. Yes. I was surprised when he returned. For the last year or so, he wasn’t that happy out here, so I assume his Amish family had more pull than the world did.

  8. Hello
    It is so good to hear everybody is doing fine.
    I am glad Michaela found her place in life at least for now.
    I am also happy to hear Abe S made the journey back and is happy with his choice.
    I was very impressed with Light of Hope and the therapy centre you visited on your journey.
    In the show you were talking about starting something like it. I know it takes time from idea to product but are there any plans?
    I really think more centres like that is needed. The youngsters leaving the Amish or any community like it, need so much help and guidance to avoid getting lost.
    Blessing to you and others for helping them.

  9. Hey Mose, I just watched all ten episodes on netflix
    This week. (havent had cable in a while) and i loved geting to know you. Ive relocated fdom st. peTers to the saradota area. Two things kept goung through my mind…i sish my late husband could have met some of you guys…he was a well known master trim carpenter in st louis and we were ready to open a cabinet shop of our own in your area but that was cut short by circumstances…but he would have been so impressed with the skill seen in these men who had so much experience from a young age. Secind thought was you are probably the nicest kind heartrd person in missouri im glad i found your blog foe an update..i was curiois..and tge opp to t tell you that. Many blessings to you and yours

  10. Many Many Mahalo’s for the One Year and Two Year Update on your wonderful life, lives and show. I just watched all of the episodes and am so glad I did. You are a truly special, loving kind hearted man with a wonderful wife who truly loves and supports you. You have helped and been there for so many ex Amish and others in need what ever their choices and decisions are. Truly a parent to all! God Bless You for coming into my life. All last night and today my heart and spirit thinking of Cephas. What a wonderful spirit. Love Light and Aloha to you Antoinette Jackson

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