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The wake up call

June 8, 2014 6 Comments

The screen glared back into my eyes like my 7th grade teacher after she caught me turning around in class. I blindly fumbled for my morning cup of coffee. Making a feeble attempt at getting an early morning buzz, I had mixed it half regular, half Starbuc002_(2)ks. The rain drizzled outside in the warm spring weather. Rain always put me into a mood of lazy dreaminess.

Every sales person in any profession can relate to the “Slump”. That stretch when you begin questioning everything you thought you ever knew about selling. I was in the midst of one such slump. A stretch where newbies were selling to people who were “just looking”, while I couldn’t sell a five-time repeat customer who came in by appointment with a checkbook in hand.

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The Dance

January 26, 2014 4 Comments

The snow crunched beneath my gum boots as I walked in a straight line away from the farm buildings. In the Wisconsin 20 below zero weather, it was so cold that I could feel the hair inside my nose bristle and freeze. My blue tick hound, “Ruby”, raced circles around me aimlessly chasing barn pigeons that were picking corn out of the cow manure that I had spread on top of the snow earlier that morning.

It was ten-thirty A.M. and all the chores were done for the day. The last few rows of corn were husked and in the silo. It was my favorite time of the year. That time when all I had to do was the chores in the morning and again in the evening. It was too cold to work in the sawmill or in the fields, so I had two choices. Stay cooped up inside our farmhouse all day playing checkers with one of my eight brothers or five sisters, or take to the woods with my rifle and do some hunting. I almost always chose hunting. If for no other reason than to get away. imagesart7617.8363.widea.0

It was my first year out of school, I was 15, and I was free. Usually I went with several of my brothers to hunt, but today was different. Today was special. Today was the beginning of a new era in my life. A sip of a drink that, once it has been tasted, there is no recovery from. As the top of the tallest silo disappeared over the hill behind me, I glanced across the fields and scanned the woods approaching to my front for any prying eyes. This had to be perfect.

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A Forgettable Night

September 10, 2013 7 Comments

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since we filmed “Amish: out of Order”.
It has been two years since I took a one month vacation to travel across 5 states and Visit a handful of Amish communities.
Today I thought I would relive some of the memories of that month in Sept 2011.
Instead of sharing with you, behind the scenes stories of events that you seen on The National Geographic Channel, I decided to touch upon some of the behind the scene moments that never made it onto the big and Ray There are many other scenes we filmed that didn’t make it, that I could share , and probably will one day, but for now, I will stick to this one.

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