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Amish: Out of Order: Two years later

August 17, 2014 18 Comments

It’s been two years since “Amish: Out of Order” aired on the National Geographic Channel. Many of the visitors to this website are veterans, and have been regulars since the beginning. However, since “Amish: Out of Order” recently hit Netflix, there is a brand new wave of people stopping by to visit. This post is written for the new visitors.

To save you the time of scrolling down, here is a link to the one-year update I posted.










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Television Shows

July 3, 2014 3 Comments

I have had a lot of people contact me requesting to see “Amish in the City” or some of the other Reality shows or documentaries I’ve been on. Some people also missed an episode or two of the latest show, “Amish: out of Order”.

Well I finally got around to creating a video gallery on my website with most of my Television appearances, including some “Late Night” shows I’ve been on. Just click on the “videos” tab, and click “TV Shows”.

Several things I refuse to do on my website:








The Amish Bed/Breakfast Family in PA during filming of “Amish: Out of Order”. 2012

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The wake up call

June 8, 2014 6 Comments

The screen glared back into my eyes like my 7th grade teacher after she caught me turning around in class. I blindly fumbled for my morning cup of coffee. Making a feeble attempt at getting an early morning buzz, I had mixed it half regular, half Starbuc002_(2)ks. The rain drizzled outside in the warm spring weather. Rain always put me into a mood of lazy dreaminess.

Every sales person in any profession can relate to the “Slump”. That stretch when you begin questioning everything you thought you ever knew about selling. I was in the midst of one such slump. A stretch where newbies were selling to people who were “just looking”, while I couldn’t sell a five-time repeat customer who came in by appointment with a checkbook in hand.

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