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Mose the Auctioneer

May 24, 2015 No Comments

Decided to play around a bit in auctioneering last week….

How well do you know me

November 27, 2014 2 Comments

I am in a Business Networking group in Columbia, Mo. Every Wednesday morning at 8 AM fifty members get together and brainstorm.

On this day it was my turn to do the meeting. I decided to share my slideshow that I created for this event.

Some of the words, nicknameNew Pictures, and taglines, and references may not make sense since you haven’t visited our chapter. If you need clarification on something, post below and ask. I’ll fill you in.

At the end of each member’s presentation, they end with a tagline for their business. In the last slide of this Program, I gave multi-choice taglines. Give me some feedback, or if you have some new taglines you can suggest, post below….

Take the quiz and see how well you know me.

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Fantasy Football 2014

August 26, 2014 9 Comments

I think it is really cool how many great people I have met through my personal website. I also realize that I would not have met 99% of these people had it not been for my roles in some television shows.

I have now discussed and blogged about the Amish people, myself, and people surrounding me and my life, for many years. This year I decided to do something completely different. This post is not related to Amish at all. It is about Fantasy Football. Let’s see if we can get creative and make this work.

I am creating a Fantasy Football League. I will be the commissioner. There will be 12 teams that join. It is free to join, and will cost you not a dollar.

Below I will post the rules and rewards for entering.

The person who wins the Superbowl in this league will win an all-expense paid trip out to Columbia, MO to meet me and spend the day with me. Read more »