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Television Shows

I have had a lot of people contact me requesting to see “Amish in the City” or some of the other Reality shows or documentaries I’ve been on. Some people also missed an episode or two of the latest show, “Amish: out of Order”.

Well I finally got around to creating a video gallery on my website with most of my Television appearances, including some “Late Night” shows I’ve been on. Just click on the “videos” tab, and click “TV Shows”.

Several things I refuse to do on my website:








The Amish Bed/Breakfast Family in PA during filming of “Amish: Out of Order”. 2012

One: I don’t allow ads. Although I keep getting pestered by ad companies to put ads on the site and pay me a monthly fee, I find ads annoying, so that will never happen.

Two: I will never put merchandise, autographs, or anything else on here, including the videos I just posted, to make money. At some point, I may create a way for people to get autographs, but I have no plans to charge more than just the postage it costs to ship it to you.

I created this website for people who have watched some of the films I’ve been a part of, and wish to remain in contact with me and what I have going on in my life. I, in return, feel like I revealed a very sacred part of my personal life to you, the viewer, on some of these films, which in a weird way, connects the dots between us somehow, so I also wish to remain in contact with those of you whose lifes were touched in some manner.img423








Nick & I from “Amish in the City” 2004

Please feel free to comment on videos, (you have to subscribe to the website to comment) or send me personal emails via the contact form. I love to hear from everyone out there.


  1. arianna arianna

    A man with truly honest morals. Always appreciate your comments :)

  2. ellenore

    I just finished watching the series ‘Amish out of Order” It was the most insightful program on the Amish and ex Amish I have ever watched. I have a question about child abuse and domestic abuse within Amish communities. I am not trying to damage are tarnish the Amish. I am a retired social worker and found that no social group is spared these problems. How and to whom would an Amish woman or child turn to if they were being abused? Are there any annual health screenings at school? do you think abuse is a significant problem based upon your own experience and those of other ex Amish? Thank you so much for your big heart and great story telling style,

  3. I was so glad to just happen to run into your page,:) I have ask about you to the other Mose Gingerich,in fact I ask if he was related to you and was asking because I wondered what happen to ya and how you all were doing since the show last aired, I really loved the show and hated to see it end,you and your wife were so good about trying to help not only the young kids coming out of the Amish but you all have a great heart to everybody. I see you say there won’t be anymore shows but I sure wish there was,:) I’m really glad I came across you and hope to keep up with what you all are doing along the way,Have a great day,Nancy

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