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Amish in the City 2004 – Episode 4


  1. roxability

    It is so fun to watch you as a young innocent man,Mose! I watched, “Amish: Out of Order” earlier this week. It was my first glimpse of you. So, now watching this is quite a treat. I am glad to know that your skin stayed tough through adversity. There must have been so many times you felt you were being made fun of. I promise in my life to never laugh at someone else just because they were accustomed to different circumstances then myself. I think that being interested in another’s way in life is different then laughing at it. I don’t believe that people always mean harm by laughing at it, but I can see how it hurts none the less. Well done on your survival in this scary world of ours! Your stories in this series and in “Amish: Out of Order” truly touched my heart and soul! Thanks so much for sharing, and . Making these available to watch free of charge!

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