Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Trucker

When he hits the Big Slab, his heart is sad. The memory of little faces looking up at him begging for one more day at home. With a little luck, clear weather, and good traffic, he will see his family again in a week or so. He points his rig towards Shaky-Town and it’s hammer down.

00121For the trucker, there is not a schedule that he can plan his life around to spend more time with his loved ones. He can’t promise them that he will be home for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or even Holidays. He is prepared to leave on a Sunday and drive until his trailer is empty, then reload and head back. He is expected to arrive at his destination early, smile at the receiver at the warehouse window, who never makes eye contact, and patiently sit waiting to be unloaded or reloaded. He is expected to sit for hours, and not complain, even though he knows the sooner he leaves the more time he gets to spend with his loved ones back home. He is often late to his next destination before he ever hits the highway,

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