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Amish: Out of Order two years later

It’s been two years since Amish: Out of Order aired on the National Geographic Channel. Many of the visitors to this website are veterans and have been regulars since the beginning. However, since Amish: Out of Order recently hit Netflix, there is a brand-new wave of people stopping by to visit. This post is written for the new visitors.

To save you the time of scrolling down, here is a link to the one-year update I posted.










I wish to answer a still oft-asked question here before moving on. No, there are not any plans in the future for another season of Amish: out of Order.
If plans change, or any new filming begins on any new projects, I’ll keep you posted.

I now wish to give a brief two-year update on the family of Ex Amish that was kind enough to agree to give their time and life to this show. You all made a difference and each and every one of you had a pivotal role in being part of a powerful series that touched many people’s lives.

After reading the post in the link above, here are the updates from year one to year two:


                                  The Albert Y Family
Not much has changed here. Chris met an ex-Amish girl, and they became engaged. Along with the engagement came a precious new arrival, now making Chris a daddy, and Albert a grandpa again.


                                          Jonas S
I see Jonas around every once in a while. He is still in construction in and around Columbia and is none the worse for wear since his car accident. Rumor has it that he has slowed down a bit.


                                  The Lee Brothers
There are now four Lee brothers living in and around Columbia. Chris is in construction. Albert has risen in popularity in the cage, now putting up a record of 9 and 1, and he has another fight coming up August 22 at Whiskey Wild in Columbia, Mo.


                            Mose & Shana and Family
Not much has changed. A new puppy has been added to the family, but according to Mrs. Gingerich, any additional little people are not foreseen in the immediate future. There goes Moses’ desire to raise thirteen children.
Mose still works as a sales rep in the automotive industry in Columbia, Mo. He just passed his four-year mark.

Outside the dealership, Mose is currently consulting for a show on HBO.

Ella, six years old, just started first grade. Anna chose Easter Sunday, of all days, to fall and break her arm. In typical Gingerich fashion, she barely whimpered, and one month later exactly, her cast was off, and her pins were out.


                                            Abe S
Abe did the impossible. Not very many teenagers manage to leave the Amish, get a taste of the outside world for five years, and successfully go back to stay. Abe broke the mold. With an Amish girlfriend of several years, rumor has it a wedding may be in the near future.

                                          Esther M
Esther lives several states away, so it is difficult to remain in close contact. However, her and her husband welcomed the arrival of a baby girl earlier this year. Her cup is brimming with a new business, husband, and the baby to take care of.

                                       Gracia Dove


                                          Joe Keim
In May we had the ex-Amish reunion in Columbia, Mo. Once again, it was a large turnout. Among the many ex-Amish traveling from other states was Joe Keim. We had the pleasure of sitting down and dining and catching up. Joe has truly found his place in life as a mentor and pastor for Amish and ex-Amish alike.


                                   The Lapp Brothers
In June the Lapp brothers and their families traveled to the mid-western states to give seminars on religious topics. It was good to catch up over some barbecue.

                                    The Lapp Families


Michaela and her family are on the verge of welcoming their second child. She is a proud mom and blessed in many ways.


                                              Amos M
Amos made it within the Amish community for several months, but unlike Abe S, the outside world beckoned. He is currently living in northern Missouri, has his own construction business, with several ex-Amish boys working for him.
Amos Recently became baptized in a church in the outside world.


Finally, I wish to say WELCOME to the new visitors.


Amish: Out of Order was filmed, not for the ratings or money, but rather by a handful of ex-Amish kids who only wanted to make a difference in the world; pave the way for others coming along behind; educate the world about a secretive sect of people are that call themselves ‘Amish’. And finally, quite possibly touch someone’s life in a positive manner.


                              Mose’s Quote of the day

A man should not be known for the good he has done in life, but rather, for the good he is still capable of doing, for it is never finished.

Mose J Gingerich

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  1. To Mose and the ex Amish community who helped produce “Amish: Out of Order”… You’ve already made a bigger difference in people’s lives than you know! There are many young people all over the world who have left fundamentalist religions or who are thinking of leaving and risking rejection by their families and/or the communities in which they grew up. You’ve educated the world on how painful the exit from a religious sect can be. This experience of young adults has the potential to resonate far and wide. I hope the series is translated into many languages.

  2. Thank you for the update. So happy to hear that families are growing and it appears everyone is finding their place. I have always been fascinated by the Amish community since I was a young child. Thank you all for sharing your experience with the world.

  3. Mose,
    Hello from the Badger state. I just finished watching “Amish out of order” on Netflix. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for doing this. This series will also help many people that are not ex-Amish so this is far reaching. If you are ever near Madison and need a place to stay you would be very welcome at my home

  4. Somewhere you updated us on everyone. You mentioned Michaela was married and had a baby. Is that the Michaela that wanted to join the amish in Sarasota? How is she doing? She is so sweet. Blessings to you.

  5. Hello Mose… I just found and watched several episodes of Amish: Out of Order, and I was so touched by the show and especially what you & the guys did by stopping, dropping everything & going to Missouri to help the victims from the tornado… I’ve watched a lot of Amish documentaries and shows, but they always gave me an uncomfortable feeling as if it wasn’t true. But yours seems so genuine and true. I really appreciated that you helped Michaela & wanted to find a good family for her to be with. Thank you very much for opening up & sharing your life and experience with cameras and the world, that can be a tough thing to do… I absolutely love and appreciate people like you and your lovely wife & family, and all the guys & girls that risked being on camera. I’ve always been fascinated by Amish culture and want to learn more about it, but I fear at the same time risking hurt or disorder to Amish just because of my curiosity so I try to learn from a distance. Your show helped me peek into that culture without feeling like it was an exploitive show. Thank you Mr. Gingerich! :)

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  7. Dear Mose… I just finished watching Amish : out of order on Netflix and feel like I have lost some dear friends… I was very excited to discover your blog and find out that everybody is doing well. Thanks to you and all the wonderful people in the show, I learned a lot on a subject I’ve always been fascinated by and now realize I knew so little about. Do you by any chance have any books you suggest I could read to keep learning about Amish and/or ex-Amish?

    I wish you, your family, your ex-Amish family and your Amish family all the best.

  8. Living in non-cable land, I also just became aware of this show through Netflix and watched all the episodes in just a couple days. I generally strongly dislike “reality” shows because they never seem real. But this one was so raw and real, and so close to home, bringing up so many feelings from my own departure from the “true church of Bible prophecy.” The feeling of being a spiritual orphan, conditioned to reject things that might actually be true, and the divide it creates when your family thinks you are going to hell. While my experience is much less extreme, seeing you on your journey brought tears of remembrance for me, and I admire your courage to share it in a public way. I blog about mine, and that’s been hard enough. It’s much easier to hide behind a keyboard and talk.

    I admire so much about the Amish way of life. They have so many incredible gifts. I pray that they will give up their fear and control at some point and embrace freedom and love so that those who wish to make other choices do not have to suffer such a terrible separation.

    God bless you and your work! If it were not for the support of other “ex” people from the spiritual community I was born into, my life would not be as rich as it is today. You are doing an awesome thing – you and all those who are offering encouragement, community, and support.

  9. Thank you for an update on what I consider another family to me. I hope that you and the entire ex-Amish community know that you are loved and cared for by many of us all over the world. Living and teaching in South Korea now, I have a newfound respect for culture and community. Thank you for inviting me into your lives for even a short time. I take many lessons from all of you that I intend to share with my students here.
    Love,light, and prayers from the Land of the Morning Calm.

  10. Many Many Mahalo’s for the One Year and Two Year Update on your wonderful life, lives and show. I just watched all of the episodes and am so glad I did. You are a truly special, loving kind hearted man with a wonderful wife who truly loves and supports you. You have helped and been there for so many ex Amish and others in need what ever their choices and decisions are. Truly a parent to all! God Bless You for coming into my life. All last night and today my heart and spirit thinking of Cephas. What a wonderful spirit. Love Light and Aloha to you Antoinette Jackson

  11. Many Many Mahalo’s for the One Year and Two Year Update on your wonderful life, lives and show. I just watched all of the episodes and am so glad I did. You are a truly special, loving kind hearted man with a wonderful wife who truly loves and supports you. You have helped and been there for so many ex Amish and others in need what ever their choices and decisions are. Truly a parent to all! God Bless You for coming into my life. All last night and today my heart and spirit thinking of Cephas. What a wonderful spirit. Love Light and Aloha to you Antoinette Jackson Pahoa, Island of Hawai’i (Yes where the lava is)

  12. Hello, I just “binge watched” the entire season on Netflix. Most of my neighbors are old order Amish and watching your series was very helpful. While watching, I wished I lived closer so I could help. Thank you for the film. There is not a lot on television worth watching. As others have written, you are helping a lot of people. As you have, I was raised with the fear of burning in hell and many other things. It took many years to realize love is the way. I’m hoping you can answer this question. I thought of learning German so I can speak to them in their language but they speak Pennsylvania Dutch. Where do I find material to learn the language? Would I find it in a library? Thank you for sharing your story. Also, thanks for the blog I was hoping for an update.

  13. I just wanted to say, I just finished watching this wonderful series. I was so shocked when Cephas died. I was in tears. You are such a wonderful man. I have never been Amish, but have always been fascinated by your culture. There is so much chaos in the English world, if only we would take some of the wonderful qualities of the Amish and live by them, we too could become a peaceful, loving culture. Instead, we are a bunch of judgmental, politically correct, confused bunch of people. well, not everyone, but a good portion of this country. Looking forward to following your blog.

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