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Fantasy Football.

It has Begun!

While some people plan for the latter half of the working week about how they will barbecue and grill for their friends who they invited over, My Sunday was spent preparing for a new season of fantasy football.  Yes, Ummm… football season is almost here again, that time of year when most normal folks are getting ready to rake the leaves, harvest the crops, or maybe go to the local ammunition store and get ready for bow/deer hunting, I am devotedly preparing for football.  So much so that I will be taking off from work early on Thursday night to go to a preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

I will have the pleasure of introducing a few teenage boys from the mid-Missouri area who have never been to a pro NFL game, to one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.  Here are Moses’ early predictions and shockers for the upcoming season. Write these tidbits down, for they will come to pass, for the Mose said so!
1.  Every sports analyst and broadcaster is hyping about Brett Favre and how his coming back to play for one more season is what the Vikings need to get to the superbowl.  Let’s make no mistake here, I am as huge of a Favre fan as anyone I know, But let’s be realistic here, maybe the real question does not lie in whether he can get them to the big show, but whether he can stay healthy for a full season and even reach the playoffs at all.  At almost 41 years old, Grandpa Favre just may find himself in a scenario where he can’t quite run with the youngsters anymore.  
My bold prediction, somewhere in game 3, 4, or 5, Favre will suffer a career threatening injury, finally forcing him to retire for good.
2.  Everyone thinks T.O. will tear the Bengals apart.  I predict the Bengals make the AFC championship game, where they’re ousted by the Patriots.
3.  Everyone predicts the Cowboys to go all the way this year.  I predict a dismal 8 and 8 record, Wade Phillips loses his job and the cowboys do some rebuilding.
4.  The Detroit lions have no less than 7 wins.
5.  The Indianapolis Colts Miss the playoffs behind a still shell-shocked superbowl loser team from last February.
6. The hyped up Redskins only get 6 wins in Shanahan’s Debut season with them.
7.  The Bills go 3 and 13.
8.  The Seahawks make the playoffs and surprise a lot of people.
9.  The Packers go 14 and 2.
10.  And last but not least, my bold playoff and superbowl predictions.
AFC…  Patriots..  Bengals..  Texans..  Chargers..  (wild card) Ravens..  Jaguars.  
NFC…  Packers..  Seahawks..  Eagles..  Saints..  ( wild card)
Atlanta..  Giants.

Superbowl winner.  Packers over the Patriots 34 to 23.  Now while you muse about my amazing predictions, let me remind you, please don’t quit raking leaves, sitting in a tree getting a sore rear for 10 nights in a row without seeing a deer, or getting that last bale of hay in the barn.  Meanwhile, at my house, my Thursday night will be spent glued to the TV watching the opening of the 2010 season and holding my breath every time Favre drops back against the saints.

Until next time..  Mose knows!  

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  1. Well, at least you’re a Packer fan! Since you came from Greenwood, that is a great relief. If you were a fan of the Vikings or Bears, my ability to follow your blog would have to stop here! LOL.

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