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I have a Fantasy, do you?

After enduring the summer heat, which often rose well above 100 degrees, and going through one of the driest summers I’ve seen here in the mid western states, it looks like we finally are getting a break from the heat.

For the first 22 yrs of my life, I grew up on a farm. I learned early on that when you live upon the land, and all the animals on the farm live upon the land, rain is extremely important. Indeed, it seems almost unfair that what is considered stressful in my world today, is so much different then it was 15 years ago.

The driest I ever remember it being, was when I was 8 and 9 back in 1987 and 1988. We went through a drought in Wisconsin where we had to buy a lot of food from stores for the family, because the garden wasn’t producing well. We had to buy corn, hay, and even oats for the farm animals.

To this day, I find that I by default, go back to the farm in my mind when we start getting dry, and it seems almost unfair that I have a job now where I need nice weather, and don’t need the cooperation of the land much at all to make a living. Almost like I am cheating the system while millions of farmers are sitting there praying for rain.

But I didn’t exactly begin this blog to talk about the weather, the rain, or the crops. I am writing this blog to hopefully try and accomplish 2 different things. I will not reveal these 2 things this early, because I’m afraid that I am not a good enough writer to captivate your attention for the rest of the blog if I tell you what the 2 things are at the beginning.

It is my day off from work, and miraculously I may not need to even make a trip in today to meet any customers, which is almost unheard of. I will absolutely enjoy this day, all by myself, sitting in the darkness of my basement, legs propped up on my computer desk, punching the keyboard. (I have not yet mastered the art of nimbly flying through the tabs on my keyboard without looking.)

Today’s activities.

1. Wake up from natural causes, instead of an annoying alarm clock.

2. Help get the girls dressed and ready for day care, strapped in their car seats and a few blown kisses later watch them disappear over the hill as mom drops them off and she heads on to her work.

3. Jog my normal 1 mile routine. NOTE: In 2 years at the dealership, I have gained 25 lbs. Enough of that. My new goal. Lose all of that by years end. Also, for those of you who have never tried it, take a morning jog. Breath in the fresh air. Yes, it takes discipline, but is well worth it. Amazing how much one can sort out in one’s mind during a morning run.

4. Take the trash out.

5. Shower.

6. Go out and have some breakfast. That’s right. I never learned to cook. I would much rather eat someone’s cooking. One Big Pig Omelet, 3 cups of coffee and 4 pieces of toast later, and back to the house it is.

7. Start my random blog, with no real game plan, inspiration, or definitive ending in mind.

8. 9:20 AM. Contact the wife to see if we can hook up for lunch somewhere. Again, a lunch someone made for us.

9. Finish and post my blog, and pick out a good movie.

10. Pretty much watch movies and let my brain rest for the rest of the afternoon so I can be fresh for the rest of the week at work. Not a very creative day, or very eventful, but when you work so many long, grinding days, it is very rewarding for one little man.

In Sept of 2005, when we got married, while Shana was planning the wedding, I was planning the honeymoon. You guessed it. A 3 day trip to Lambeau Field to watch a Packers game. Yes, I even planned the wedding date and Honeymoon around the Packers schedule. I chose what had been one of the worst teams in the league the year before to watch them play the Packers because I didn’t want to see a loss on our honeymoon. The Cleveland Browns, 4 and 12 record the year before.

Guess what? They smoked Brett Favre and the Packers that day largely due to a rookie named Braylon Edwards, and some guy named Steve Heiden.

That was the last true vacation we have taken. Granted, we went to the St Louis Zoo on a Sunday Afternoon, a Football game at the Edward Jones Dome, several at Arrowhead Stadium, etc, but never a real vacation.


With me pretty much sheltered for the first 22 yrs of my life, and pretty much working none stop here in little ole Mid Missouri, my wife really not that much more experienced in the field of vacations and where to go, I would like to hear different opinions.

Here is what we have in mind. We will be taking the 2 girls with us. Ella is 4, Anna is almost 2. We do not want the city life for this one. Rather, what we prefer, is about 8 or 9 days of nothing. Preferably west. Mountains, lots of woods with tall trees, lakes or rivers, and lodging in cabins. Sights that are breath taking. High altitudes, wildlife, etc. Maybe even some boat rides every so often.

We can take a vacation to a large city some other time. At this point, we want a quiet peaceful getaway from it all. So quiet that I can hear a bear walking from a mile away, a fish jump from 2 lakes away, and possibly even snow flakes touching down on the mountain tops high above.                                                                 Dream Vacation

It will have to be within the U.S. and we’re thinking somewhere in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, etc. Any ideas are welcome.

This vacation would probably be sometime in November or December of this year, and although everyone tells us we need at least one a year, it will probably last us for 5 or 6 more years.

With the heat letting up a little, and the smell of the leaves turning to rich colors, the nip of the chilly air in the mornings, comes the familiarities of something else. FOOTBALL. That’s right. That time of the year when Training camps open, cuts get made, hold outs hold out, free agents get picked up for one last chance in the NFL, undrafted players get a chance to shine, and all the boredom of the last 7 months during the off season washes away with the first kickoff of the 2012 NFL season. It is during this time that I ever so slightly put things like my job, family, and many other things on the back burner during Sunday afternoons, pop some popcorn, sit back on my recliner, and watch the magic happen. It is during this 4 or 5 month magical time that all is forgotten.

Who cares about the the political votings, the Todd Akin (talking with his foot in his mouth) incident, or the health care topic? I got football, and that’s what makes everything balance out right.

In short, my love for football, dates back to when I was still Amish, on the farm, was not supposed to have a radio, but somehow always did, and through this, on a small farm out in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, with the introduction of our “English” milkman, acquired my first radio, heard Brett Favre’s first comeback, and became hooked for life.

If there is any reader who wishes to convert me to any other team, give up. I may have been raised Amish, but my football roots go deep. Besides, the Bears, Lions, and Vikings, don’t give anyone a reason to like them. As a matter of fact, are they still playing? If they are, I heard the Bears are thinking of Cutlering their QB, cleaning out Ur’s locker, and replacing Lovies Myth.

I will do my usual predictions for the upcoming season of football. For the teams or players who are sorta in the middle, nothing too spectacular, I won’t even contemplate on them. My predictions are based upon my gut feeling. My second sight. Or my intuition. Last year I didn’t get a chance to blog my predictions, because I was in the thick of filming the show, Amish: out of Order, but if you wish to see how I did the year before, it was posted back in the fall of 2010.


I am in 5 different Fantasy Football Leagues this year. Down from 8 last year. (All 8 suffered, BTW, because of the amount of filming I was doing during the season) I have owned my own League now for 7 years. My point here is this.

If for just this one blog, I can get your undivided attention off of me personally, the Show, “Amish: Out of Order”, and whether or not it is coming back on, and discuss with me, the game of football, I would be dearly entitled to you! As a matter of fact, I will probably take a lot of your advice on who to start in my leagues this year. I even have visions of next year having another league with strictly just my most active football fanatics that I meet because of this blog.

So here we go. My BOLD predictions for the 2011/2012 NFL season.

The Redskins. There is a lot of chatter coming out of the Redskins camp about RG3. Yes, from what I have seen, I do think he is talented. As a matter of fact, the difference between a HOF QB and an average one, oftentimes is not that big. Dedication, determination, will power, Mental state of mind, competitiveness, Discipline, and work ethic. Often it is not nearly as huge of a difference between a Tom Brady vs. a Matt Leinart, (Many people compared Leinart to Brady when he was coming out of college) As it might appear on paper. One is disciplined and has committed to this game and perfecting it for a very long time, and quite possibly, one has a back up plan just in case being a QB in the Pro’s doesn’t work out.
Long story short, It is way too early to tell how RG3 will do, but for this year, I predict a 7 and 9 season at best, probably 6 and 10.

The Patriots. Despite the New England’s woes in the last 2 Superbowls against the same team, the Giants, you could look at history of Superbowl losing teams, and assume that NE will be a dismal 9-7 team this year, barely squeaking into the playoffs, and losing in the first round. I, however, predict that this will be one of the best, if not the best, New England Patriot’s teams we have seen yet. I would be shocked if Brady doesn’t throw 40+ TD’s, around 4800 yards, the Patriots go 13-3, possibly even 14-2, and make it to the Superbowl again. (I will have my Superbowl predictions later)

The Colts. A lot of people are counting the Colts out for this season. Assuming that Luck needs at least a year under his belt to start meshing in Indy. (Sorta like I predicted for his fellow Rookie, RG3 above) I, however, think he has a stellar year, throwing about 26ish TD’s, the colts make the playoffs as a wildcard team at 10-6, and win the first wild card round.

The Jets. There is not more chatter in any one teams facilities then the New York Jets. Who will be their starting QB? How will they use Tebow. First and foremost, let me say that I love this guy. I would go see him play anytime if he was in this area and the starting QB. He is entertaining to watch, has more compassion when he plays then almost the whole league put together, and is competitive on top of that. Unfortunately, this is also probably why he is still in the league playing, and has a current roster spot with the Jets. Let’s face it. This guy was absolutely horrible most of last year. Without the Bronco’s defense, he would have Gone something like 3-8 instead of 7-4.

I do feel that because he is entertaining, stands up for what he believes in, and has a ton of followers, is largely why he is in the running as a QB for the Jets. Make no mistake about it, I love this guy and what he stands for. However, with him, Rex Ryan, and all the media distractions in New York, can they win? Tough one. I figure they go somewhere around 8-8, miss the playoffs, and rumors will start in NY about getting rid of the REX. Normally, I would predict that midway through this season, Tebow gets released, and his name fades out, but I’m not exactly sure he is the sort of person to just fade out. In other words, he doesn’t follow the “Normal” pattern. I, however, predict he stays all season, but if Rex Ryan goes, so does Tebow.

The Lions. Why couldn’t the lions repeat their success from last year? Not much has changed on their roster or and major coaching changes. For the world they should be a 12-4 team. Not so fast there you Band Wagon Jumpers of Motor City. Without having any statistical backing, or any justification, I simply think it will be much harder for the Lions to play up to expectations then it was last year playing from behind, and exceeding what they were projected to do. In other words, Pressure catches up to them, and although Stafford has another great season, they fall to a 8-8 or if they’re lucky, 9-7 record, and miss the playoffs.

The Broncos. With Peyton Manning, a stiff defense, a good offensive line, several good WR, all signs point to the Broncos being the team to watch. I’m not buying it. Although Manning is back, shoulder surgery a thing of the past, I do not ever again anticipate seeing Manning being what he was in Indy. Make no mistake about it, He will be great. Peyton Manning is the epitome of the QB I was talking about earlier when I mentioned the little that separates a HOF QB from a Matt Leinart.
I think, if Manning can stay healthy, the Broncos go 10-6, make the playoffs in a wild card tie breaker, and get demolished in the first round of the playoffs, causing the Bronco faithful to question if Manning might have gotten slightly over paid.

Bears. I do think the Bears will have a good season. As much as it hurts me to say so, I wouldn’t be shocked if they went 2-0 against the Packers, going into the playoffs with a 11-5 record and winning the division. Sleeper alert. Jay Cutler.

Packers. Look for the Packers to start off slow, possibly starting the season 3-4, because of a lack of running game, because of too many changes on defense, DB’s leaving a lot to be desired, and a pass rush that’s non existent. I see them after the midway point starting to mesh on defense, and riding into the playoffs as the NFC north’s second seed behind the Bears with a 10-6 record. Of Course, when have I ever been correct on the Packers. I also thought when they replaced Favre with Rodgers, Rodgers would be a bust, McCarthy would be laughed out of town, and they would bring Favre back as a hero. Partly kidding. However, when I try to decipher the Packers, I can’t predict them logically, because of my love for them, so here I’m wrong more times then not.

The Cowboys. This is arguably the toughest division in the NFL. However, I predict that if Romo can stay healthy, the Cowboys could be someone to be reckoned with this year. Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett begin to Gel, figuring out who is running the team, etc, and they squeak into the playoffs and actually win a playoff game for the first time in a while. 11-5.

The Seahawks. This team is my “Gamble” pick for this season. I honestly am on the rocks here. Largely because Pete Carrol’s history in the NFL isn’t that great, and they are already having a QB controversy in Seattle right after nabbing Flynn from GB and giving him a huge payday. I honestly think this team can go either way, with little chance of landing in the middle. Either they lose the first 3 games or so, and Carrol loses control of the team, which means they lose the season, and go 4-12, or they come out of the gate swinging, win 4 out of 5, and never look back. Because of their stiff defense, I will go with the latter, saying that they come out strong, win 4 out of the first 5, settle upon Flynn because he is winning, and Mesh well together. I will put them in at 10-6 beating out the 49ers for the division title. I know this is a huge stretch, considering the 49ers look as good as ever, and this is probably the biggest gamble I predict for 2012. (This obviously was written before they announced Russel Wilson as Starting QB, so if I may, I predict He makes it for 7 games before being replaced by Flynn)

Now for my 2 sleeper teams. I predict that the Houston Texans will win their division, probably with a 12-4 record, and make it all the way to the AFC Championship game, where they will be beat out narrowly by the Patriots.

In the NFC, it will be the Eagles. Much is riding on this theory. Like Vick staying healthy, and Andy Reed making the team play as a team instead of individuals. However, I put the Eagles in the NFC Championship with a wild card Packers team, where a strong defense by the Packers shows through and rolls past the Eagles. (Again, wishful thinking. Feeling a need for revenge here after being forced out of the NFC playoffs so many times by Reed, McNabb, and the Eagles.

Players set for a big year. Quarterbacks. Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and Jay Cutler.

Running Backs. Matt Forte, Arian Foster, Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson.

Wide Receivers. Desean Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Pierre Garcon, Steve Smith. Carolina.

And now for the division winners.
Patriots, Texans, (bye weeks)
Chargers, Ravens. (wildcard) Colts and Broncos. Sorry Steelers Fans, but 9-7 won’t make the wildcard round.

NFC: Cowboys and Falcons (Bye Week)
Bears, Seahawks. (Wildcard) Packers and Eagles.

And for my Superbowl pick. Same as last time, will be the Packers and Patriots. I have the Packers going into the Playoffs with all the momentum, much like in the 2010/2011 season, rolling into the Superbowl, and with all the momentum, Brady and the Patriots lose their 3rd Superbowl in a row to the Packers 28 to 36.

I feel non too confident in some of them, mainly looking over it, do I actually think the giants, Steelers, Saints, and the 49ers will miss the playoffs. Guess we’ll see.

However, I make my bold predictions and will certainly be proven wrong in some of them. And of course, there are always break out players that nobody, not even there own coaches seen coming.
In practice, a player may look barely average, barely squeak his way onto a starting roster, but when the real game starts, that is what separates the average player from a Hall of Fame player.That is where unforeseen, undrafted stars are born. That is only a small portion of what captivates me during football season.

30 thoughts on “I have a Fantasy, do you?”

  1. I used “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” to get a LOT better at typing (it’s a disc that you can get at Walmart or other places, I’m sure). It uses games to help you get faster.

  2. I understand of what kind of Vacation you would love for you and your family. May I make a sujestion to try this place. Eureka Springs, Arkansa, known as Little Switzerland of the Ozarks. My husband and I went there for our 19th anniversary ( we married 36 yrs now). We had the most enjoyable time that I still to this day highly recommend this place. If choose to go, I highly recommend to see the Passion Play ( lifesize with realife people and animal for this play), seeing the big hugs dam ( not quite as big as the Hoover dam, but close to it) you have so much choices, can be in touch with the wilderness, but yet close to a little quiant town that has lots to offer. You almost feel like you are in another world away. My husband and I are in Louisiana and we live aprox 14 hours away from this, here’s the webiste to check it out. Here’s the link to check it out.. http://www.eurekasprings.org/
    Thank you for listening to what advice I gave you. If you have any question, please feel free to email me, Thank you and have a wonderful day! Vickie Walker (aka Kiki)

    1. moses you would really enjoy thermopolis wyomimng. the hotsprings there are great for your body and soul. plus the scenery surrounding the area is fantastic.try a drive through the wind river indian reservation.

  3. Going to respond to a couple of your statements so prolly gonna be a bit of a long answer.
    First I am 57 and spent many years as a child living in areas where we had an out house, hauled water from a pump, cooked on a wood stove, grew our own vegetables, and used a wringer washing machine . What I have learned over the years is that my childhood prepared me for adversity. When many around me lose power, water or heat they have no idea how to cope. For me it is a simple matter to resolve. Personally I think everyone needs a 6 weeks or more living experience where they have to learn how to survive without modern conveniences.
    Second, your vacation. Since you mentioned Colorado and enjoying the peace of nature, that is my recommendation. I grew up all over the state and I mean I literally grew up all over the state. My dad didn’t like to settle in one place for long and we moved every 6-12 months. Garden of the Gods close to Colorado Springs is an amazing wonder of nature. The sandstone monuments make you contemplate how they have survived and why they haven’t fallen over. Estes Park is another childhood favorite. Something about it always made think that it was as close to heaven as a person could get. Of course for a bit of fun denver has 2 amusement parks, Elith’s and Lakeside. There is also the zoo and the museum. If you want an affordable complete vacation with everything close enough to travel too without stress I would suggest you check this out.
    As for Katie’s comment on Mavis Bacon typing program, it is excellent. It has both a training option and a game option that allows you to practice typing techniques in either a serious manner or a playful manner.
    Hope you and your family enjoy whatever vacation option you decide on.

  4. Hi Mose. Though we have lived in both Montana and Colorado, we never ‘vacationed’ in either. but while we lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico, we were told of a little retreat up in Cloudcroft. It was beautiful. We did not rent a cabin, but I’ll give you a site that shows them, we instead camped out in a tent. And the best part, is when we left Cloudcroft, we headed for White Sands. I think it was the best vacation we ever took during our 33 years of marriage.



    I know you will made the best decision for you and your family. And I pray it will be a very special memory often looked back on with smiles and happiness

    1. We did spend a week in Yellowstone. I HATED IT! My kids were young and I spent every minute making sure I had their hand secure. The smell was nauseating and camping in the park was a little scary.

  5. I don’t know if this place has different seasons for open and closed but my husband and I stayed at this great little town at the bottom of the mountains. We traveled from South Dakota through the mountains and stayed here in Thermopolis Wyoming and it was just wonderful.

    204 HWY 20 S.
    THERMOPOLIS, WY. 82443

    E-MAIL: info@eaglervpark.com

  6. Dear Mose, Beloved of God, I can’t tell you how happy this latest blog from you lifted me up and made me laugh! I know nothing about football, but the fact that you are so absorbed in it makes me think that my prayers were answered for you and God has taken some of the worries off your shoulders. As for the vacation dream, that has always been my exact same dream. I even have this audio tape of a cabin in a mountain snowstorm that I play when I can’t sleep. I think you’d better plan ahead for the little ones though, maybe let them watch the “Little House on the Prairie” episodes to understand the gist of the peacefulness of solitude.
    I’ll still keep praying for you, your family, all
    the ex-Amish and now the ex-Jehovah witnesses and all people who don’t understand just how much God loves us. Unconditionally. (Hope your favorite team wins.)

    1. I just wanted to say “Thanks” for your prayers! You are the first person I have seen to kinda put ex-Amish and ex-Jehovah Witnesses in the same sentence, let alone kinda the same category. Watching Amish: Out of Order, and seeing what Mose went through, and still continues to go through, gave me strength and courage, and in some ways, made me feel like im not alone in this world. Thanks again!

  7. To bad you can’t come to British Columbia Canada. That’s my stomping ground and it’s a beautiful place to see anytime of the year. As for football I’ve got to stick to my roots and say “go B.C. Lions”. Best of luck on your vacation and it really doesn’t matter where your going to be, it’s that you’ll all be together.

  8. Hey Mose,

    Take a look at the travel sight Tripadvisor.com
    They have lots of reviews of the Northern Rocky Mountain States. Make sure you have good winter tires (perhaps studded) for your vehicle during this time of year.

    Maybe you would like Sandpoint, Idaho which is in Northern Idaho. It is surrounded by scenic mountains, has a beautiful lake and isolation. Oh, and did you know that Jerry Kramer of Packer Super Bowl Fame was raised in Sandpoint and starred for the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho?

    And here is one of the stories I like to read regarding NFL football players –


    Of course Jason isn’t a Packer, but he is a Washington State Cougar! The Cougs are my Team. I only watch Pro Football when there is a clear underdog.

    Go Underdogs! Go Tim Tebow!

  9. Dear Mose,
    I am glad you were able to clear out your mind, if only for a little bit and talk about something that you “love”. I love football myself, so I espically loved this Blog, and Thanks for your predictions on the Cowboys, I hope they have a good season. We did start out Great in the first game by beating the Current Superbowl Champs. I wish you a Great Football Season, and hope to read another blog soon!
    Your Friend Always,

  10. You should go to Cherokee NC and stay at the KOA Kampground, they have cabins there, and there’s fishing and boating and mountains, and you can go into Cherokee and visit a real working Native American Reservation, plus its a day trip to Dollywood! Far less expensive than like Disney and a lot more family togetherness fun!

    1. I agree. My son and I went there when he was 13 years old. We went fishing in the beautiful streams, floated the river, saw Indians, ate great food, and more! Check it out.

  11. rofl You are a man in love with football! I’m glad you have found something to enjoy so much. We all need a break from the daily grind. I know nothing about football, so can’t help you there. Except I did get in a Super Bowl pool in town once, didn’t even know the names of the teams, guessed my way through it and won a nice big pot when I took it all. Boy were there some guys mad at me. lol

    As for vacation, I was going to say SD, CO, MT or WY, lol. We loved the Colorado Springs area, with Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. I just don’t know what there is for the little girls. In SD we loved http://www.mammothsite.com/, really interesting, and also coming around the curve and seeing Mt. Rushmore and then Crazy Horse was breathtaking. The Black Hills are just beautiful! The mountains and countryside in MT and WY are gorgeous! I’m not too sure about being in any of these places in December though, it may be a while before you get back to MO. lol

    We hope you all have a great time wherever you go and enjoy an awesome family time! Brenda & Gary

  12. Hi Mose! Love your show and your blog. What an amazing surprise that you love FOOTBALL as much as I do!

    What about the 49’ers…? I think they will be lethal this year! I am a Pat’s fan and I have to tell you I am really nervous about the 49’ers playing us this year. I think last year gave them a taste and they are coming back with a vengeance! I see them over Green Bay in the Super Bowl.

    I will happily agree with you about the Pat’s being an amazing team this year, I think Bill B. drafted really well this year and got rid of some dead weight. I know it’s early but they look young and hungry!

    I’m not seeing a big year for Cutler either. He’s got a great defense to keep the opponent from scoring but I think he is battling a mental game. He seems to get frustrated very easily and points the finger at his teammates quite a bit. I’m not a fan of Jay, since he had that “knee injury” last year that caused him to take himself out of the game and pace the sidelines.

    Anyway, thrilled to see we share passions! :) Good luck and have fun planning your family get away.

  13. Hi Mose,

    One of the best places my husband and I ever visted was Black Hills, South Dakota. We’ve been there twice. Not only is it breathtaking, there was lots to do. And there are a lot of lakes. My husband and I went and sat at one in particular every morning, had coffee, and soaked it all in. Talk about refreshing the soul.

    Wyoming is beautiful as well, but the elevation got to our ears. And since I’m your neighbor, at least as far as states go, you might experience the same problem.

    As far as football, well, I’m no help. :-)

    God bless you.

  14. Mose…..I’d say Colorado is the place you wanna be! Winter Park is great! Commercialized right in town…but many isolated cabins for rent. There are winding roads up into the mountains and lakes. There’s a tram that takes you up to a restuarant at 12,000 feet. Winter Park is about 9-10,000 feet. Be prepared for the elevation dude.

    In the meantime, God bless you and yours. I will work on forgiving you for being a cheesehead!!


  15. Mose, Checkout the pacific northwest. The islands in Puget Sound are in the middle of incredible beauty. Another place to consider is Cooperstown, NY. Become a baseball fan and you will love Cooperstown.
    Your friend,
    George Carpenter

  16. We are Packers fans from the Fox River Valley in WI, not too far from Lambeau Field. It’s cool that you are a football fan, and even participate in fantasy football. It’s a good day in WI today, as always after the Packers send Lovey’s Myth and da Bears home wondering why they ever wanted to be in the NFL.

    Good luck in all of your fantasy leagues!

    Mrs. Christian

  17. Hi Mose!
    What an honor it is writing to you. I admire your ability to pull yourself up and out of a very controlling situation at your childhood home to become the person you are today. When I watched your show it taught me so much about the Amish culture that I never knew anything about, and the world so many have left behind. Your help for the younger ones to come to terms with living in this English world is amazing to me. I just wanted to tell you there are many blessings waiting for you here on earth and onward. Thank you and of course your family and everyone else for sharing all the thoughts associated with the basis of this show. The words you speak are from your soul. So honest and you are filled with the spirit as you continue your life there in Columbia and beyond. Hope to always follow your life as you continue the work you do and love you share.
    OK, on to your questions and comments on this blog. First commenting on the game of football, I became a Chicago Bears fan the year they won the Super Bowl in 1985. We were in Europe then where my hubby was at the AF Base, and I was there raising our 3 kids. We saw the Super Bowl live and I was hooked from then onward. We both were born and raised in Chicago, hence the love for our home in the states Chicago. So in my world I will say everyone can say what they want about our Bears, we will always be fans and proud of it! Many times I proudly wear a Chicago Bears sweatshirt, or tee- shirt, even in Kansas City Chiefs town. We live in the KC Kansas area again. OK enough about my Chicago Bears!
    I feel I can add some thoughts about your coming vacation! I spent much of my married life returning to Montana, to a town in southern Montana named Red Lodge. It is 1 hour south of Billings. This small town has quite a long history to it, from the age of Cowboys and Indians to now. There is a great ski resort mountain there. I personally don’t ski but heard others talk about that. If you happen to go to Montana, esp. that area I personally would suggest you wait until Spring because there is a road into the Mountains from that town named “The BearTooth Pass”. Charles Kuralt from CBS called it ” the most beautiful road in America. It is quite a long road full of mountain switchbacks. The road goes up to beautiful vistas and high plateaus of mountain meadows, with the altitude close to 12,000 ft at the top. This road goes into the N/W entrance to Yellowstone. I know a previous post hated Yellowstone but I honestly wonder why? I have been back their many times, the most recent this past August.As we entered the park, we saw more Buffalo crossing the road than we have ever seen before. I have photos of them coming over the rise,just hundreds of them! The scenery is beyond beautiful! And if anyone in your family is interested in geology the park is on a volcano that does have many earthquakes, but not that you could feel. The smell the previous posted spoke of was the sulfur smell coming from the many hot springs there. Many stop off points to get out and walk up or around the active bubbling geysers and the walk ways are very safe. Just follow what the signs say there, like staying on the paths,etc. Of course Old Faithful is there too. BTW that smell of sulfur isn’t everywhere. The park is open year round but not that switchback road. Too much snow there!
    There are many other places to look to for vacations out west also, some near there and some father away. I have been to them all over the years. I will just mention the names here as this is too long already! OK, South Dakota has The Black Hills and The BadLands, in Wyoming I love Cody Wyoming for tourist type things and an awesome buffet in that town at Hotel Irma. All you can eat Prime Rib! Just the scenery is awesome there. Large Ranches, mountains, its just beautiful! There are many Indian Reservations to drive through everywhere out west. BTW if you have watched my favorite movie, “Dances With Wolves” there are many stop off points in South Dakota that the movie was filmed at. That brings me back to Red Lodge and all the great things this small town has to offer for the tourists and locals. Mountain Man Rondevous (sp), The Festival Of Nations, and many other things to do each month! My suggestion for you is look online for free travel packs put out by every state. They normally include many booklets, folding style maps, and places to stay and things to do every where, and for any purpose. This all comes to by regular mail in a large envelope, with more coming through the year. These packages are priceless and are available by just looking up the state you want to visit on the internet.
    Mose, good luck with your travel plans out west and also with any Fantasy FootBall you like to do. The Bears just got flattened by the Packers so I am sad this week! But you must be happy with your team.
    If you have ANY questions at all about the travel out west I am happy to answer anything about that and even send you photos or links to places I have mentioned. It would be my honor to do this for you and your family. What ever you decide to do please keep us in the loop about that. I’d love to hear about whatever you decide to do about that. Best of Luck to you and yours. Blessings being sent your way for your work with all who want to enter the “English” world. You are in the perfect place to share your kindness and help with those that need it!

  18. Hi Mose, my husband and I enjoyed Amish: Out of Order and reading your blog….can’t help you with football, but have you thought of visiting New Mexico? Santa Fe is nice and in the south central part of the state is the little village of Ruidoso. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there, but I do remember it fondly.

  19. Mose,

    I understand the type of vacation you want – Black Hills in South Dakota or Eureka Springs, Arkansas are good ones. I can’t vouch for Yellowstone but told my hubby I would like to to there in the winter also. Main thing is find something that appeals to you and yours and ENJOY! I love reading your blogs and God bless you and yours!

  20. My suggestion is Manitou Springs new Colorado Springs for a vacation. Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Mountain, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Royal Gorge, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls (breathtaking doesn’t begin to describe it) all are gorgeous. I am not sure if all of the sights are open in winter. Worth checking out though.

    For a break from the heat may I suggest mid-coast Maine? I was there for the first time this year and loved it. Pretty beaches, great food, lots of beautiful things to see. Moose roam free….I think you may like it.

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  22. So first off, where are you taking vacation? It is restorative medicine for most all of us.

    Second, not bad on the football stuff, you are as good as most on tv, lol. And you smartly avoided the Chiefs altogther, but next year you must make tough decisions on them???

    I have njoyed my trips to Oregon and places you mention also to emjoy the things you described, but in the time of year you mentioned (cold)I think I would prefer going to the gulf of Mexico, like Padre Island in Texas or perhaps Louisiana. No mountains, but sand and oceaan and different animals than we have in PA or MO. The Ocean is certanily something to be experienced…

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