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It is Written, or is it…

   When I look back now over the span of the time it took to film the entire Series of Amish: Out of Order, and I realize exactly how much went into making this show a success, I shutter at the memories of how fragile the hinges were for a while on it ever hitting the big screen.

   There were Four very important people who worked on this project! People who believed in the project, and once they committed to it, were going to see it through come hail or high water!

   Each and every one of these Four people was a huge piece of the puzzle in the making of and holding together of this show. I believe with all my heart, that if you take one of these Four pieces of the puzzle out of the picture at any part of the show, the show would have certainly and soundly come to a screeching halt, and the world would have never seen this wonderful piece of inside information into the life’s of myself and a handful of my Ex Amish friends. Truly by the teaming up of these Four individuals, a masterpiece came together that will last forever, and one that I will never regret having been involved in and will always be proud of.

                                                       Getting my face powdered

   The first of these Four, Daniel Laikind, Owner and Founder of Stick Figure Productions, also a co producer of my previous series/reality show, Amish In the City, aired on UPN back in 2004, was the original turning wheel in this process. Without him behind me, encouraging me, supporting me, seeing potential in me doing future television work, when I thought I was a “has Been”, and finally believing in me, this show would never have made it past a mere whisper in the wind. Might I add that I fought this idea, the filming of Amish: Out of Order,  for almost an entire year. Largely because I knew the criticism I would receive from people with whom I grew up with, Amish and even ex Amish as well! Also,
   I have a wonderful wife and 3 kids, a nice, solid job at Joe Machens Toyota in Columbia, Mo. Why jeopardize the wonderful life I already have? Why change what’s working for me? And finally, what if it fails? We film for a year, spend every single ounce of my time and energy and then some, Basically don’t have a family life for that year, and we get done, the network sees it, and says “NO”! Although this thought crossed my mind, the thought that the show wouldn’t be a success, was not exactly the front and foremost worry in my mind.

   The second of these pieces of the puzzle was Jake Abraham. He Came on board several episodes into the show. At that time, we were still figuring things out. Things were in slight disarray with trying to find the glue or chemistry that bonds together a group of people who can make magic happen. Not to take away from Laikind, but what with running multiple other shows at the same time, putting in the required effort to make this show a success, was more then one man could handle.
   When Abraham came on board, he immediately lifted a lot of this burden. he became the hands on guy back in NYC who was seldom seen, but the “go to” guy for every problem. He became the orchestrator, the voice of reason, and also the one guy I could depend on to have his cell phone handy at all hours of the night. Although there is a slight chance the show could have been done without him, the very thought of trying, makes me shutter! Might I compare him to a well greased Wheel.

   The 3rd, and to me, the most important piece so far, was Jeff Hoagland. The reason I say “to me” is because he was the field producer/camera operator/counselor/brother/friend, including multiple other things. When I finally committed to do the series, one of my few stipulations was that the main person who comes out to run the show, has to be a country boy, laid back, patient, and someone who wants to make friends with my fellow ex Amish. Not someone who wants to come out, rush through a scene, and leave my good friends unsettled and feeling a distaste towards the show, but rather feeling proud that they met him. Proud to have participated, and wanting to remain friends.
   Little did I realize that the chosen one would be a country boy from Kentucky, with the profile of a long haired, unshaven, Hatfield/McCoy look and demeanor. A person who never ate, never slept, and right from the start, had an unbelievable energy and enthusiasm for the show and it’s success. A person who right from the start, had nothing but the best of interests in mind for me and my friends. Who if I had an idea I wanted to film or introduce to the show, he was not afraid to tell me it was a horrible idea, and it would not come across well on the screen. Who protected me and my friends throughout the filming of the show from criticism, and multiple other dangers that one who was raised Amish could never have been prepared for by oneself without a Hoagland.
   Still today, long after the filming is over and his job is done, he is still advising me and my friends on how to handle the fame, phone calls, facebook requests, etc.
   At the end of the day, all me and my friends wanted, was a person who cared about us and our well being more then he cared about the popularity or ratings of the show. My opinion right from the start was that if we find a person like this, the rest will come out in the wash. In other words, we will have our show and it will be the type of show I want it to be.
   Here was a person who is actually quite private, bashful, and definitely doesn’t wish to be in the spotlight. As a matter of fact, if I could have gotten his permission, I would have blogged about him and sang his praises long ago. However, it took until now, for him to allow me to mention him even if ever so briefly.
   Here is a person with whom I traveled the country during the filming. From Missouri to Ohio to Wisconsin, back to Indiana, from there to Pennsylvania, and finally back to Missouri. These long, grueling road trips have a way of breaking down the producer/cast wall just a bit. Although it would probably take a lifetime or more for any one person to fully figure out the complicated person that I am, I truly believe Hoagland has come as close as any one person ever has or probably ever will.
   A person who was on the camera end of my scenes with Joe Keim in Ohio, The Lapp Brothers in Pa, The tragic accident of Cephas Y, and so many other events that shook me to the core. He was the rock that kept me grounded and focused on my story. Might I add that as a producer/camera guy, We shared together in the tragedy of Cephas Y. It was probably as hard or harder for him as any of us, to do a scene about a person in Cephas that he had come to love like a brother. A person whose job it was to just get footage, but who actually at my request, with the footage he had gotten earlier with Cephas, spent the night before Cephas’ funeral cutting together that DVD I played for the Ex Amish in my living room, and then again, with little to no sleep, filmed the scene the next day, and let me take all the credit for composing and showing the DVD.
   Seeing him continue moving forward during these times, and trying to stay professional and not show too much emotion so as to give the rest of us the strength to remain strong, will forever be something I will respect about this particular individual!
   A person, who was paid to film a very difficult project and then get out, but actually in a way, impacted and changed my life forever when he helped me in one year’s time to figure out who I am and why I believe some of the things I do. A person who finally and definitively showed me for the first time ever, that it is cool to be who I am, and how to be comfortable with the person that I am.
   In my final tribute to Jeff Hoagland, this is the one person who I truly believe without him, this show probably wouldn’t have been possible. For someone to be able to commit his entire core and being to a project so thoroughly for an entire year in the trenches with little to no sleep, for something he believed in, is truly unmatched! I will be forever be grateful!

                                                      Field Producer Jeff Hoagland

   Finally, and I will make this short, there is the 4th piece. Me. To make a long story short, it is extremely difficult to get an Amish or ex Amish person to agree to go on camera. It is even more difficult to convince them to continue to stick around long enough to make a nice story of them and there life. My commitment to sticking with this project until the finish was a thing of beauty, even if I do say so myself. Even with my full time job at the dealership, filming every night and weekend, time and time again, having friends criticize my decision to “expose” the Amish culture, I did what I believe the Lord led me to do. That was put this show into his hands, do it the best, most honest and sincere way possible, and trust that it will be well received by viewers. I remember at one particularly difficult time during the show, after a particular dose of criticism, I was asked “why”? Why am I doing this? What drives me.
   My reasons are hard to explain, but the short of my answer was this. If I can change or influence in a positive way, any one person’s life with this show, if I can lead just one more person to God, or if I can inspire just one person to make his or her life better, then I have accomplished my mission. I am very proud to say that that mission has been accomplished many times over. I did what and more then I set out to do. The show and the feedback exceeded what I hoped for. My mission is complete…… Or is it?

   It is almost scary how boring my life gets on a day to day basis, but how many crazy things went down during this one year of filming the show. From Jonas’ accident, Chris L’s cage fighting, Michaela converting to Amish, Esther M from Ks following or not following her dreams to become an actor, My road trip where I found Christ in an even truer form then ever before, where I also found forgiveness, a long over due visit with my own mother, an answers I would have never found if not for this trip. The death of a dear friend, Joplin and the disaster of a tornado and our participation with that, along with numerous other events along the way.
   What I have discovered about myself during the making of this show is that I am one complicated person. I am happiest when I have as many irons in the fire as possible. Being in sales and working a full 14 to 16 hr job 6 days a week isn’t enough for me. That bores me. As a matter of fact, during the filming of this show, I was more successful in sales then when before we began filming. I have found that I need multiple projects going on in my life. Sales, filming, blogs, and trying to help everyone that asks me to, and trying to be a family man all at the same time. The only down side to this is that sometimes, and more often then I care to admit, I stumble across a moment when all of these things cross paths at once, I try to balance all at once, instead of keeping my normal pattern, and all of a sudden I am engulfed by too much at once. I begin to feel a drowning sensation, and at that time, I have to take several steps back, watch a few cartoons (instead of movies that make me think) re evaluate, prioritize, and re approach my life. When approached with a new, fresh view, it usually flows better once again.

   Many people ask me, so did Michaela actually go Amish? What I will say is that that is still a developing process. It is a complicated thing to make happen, and eventually I do believe she will live inside the Amish community forever. However, for now, it is still in the makings.

   Will there be another season? There have been some rumors floating around. There is nothing set in stone. In order for me to commit to anything like a second season, I would have to go back through my process all over again. that is the process of me mentally evaluating myself, my life, family, and job. Evaluate the impact it would or wouldn’t have to viewers at this time in the History being written in America. Evaluate once again why I would or wouldn’t do this? Has my story been officially written, or is there still more left unsaid?
   If I could work all these factors out, then would come the final and most important ingredient. See if I can mentally prepare myself for another long, grueling year of filming. See if I have the stamina to endure the same ups and downs that come with investing and submerging every ounce of myself into another project that I believe in.
   Of course it is not entirely up to me. I am only contemplating on my side of it. There are many factors from other sources. Is Stick Figure Productions willing to do more filming on this subject? Is Natgeo willing to televise more? At present these questions and many more, remain a mystery, but stay tuned.

   So what is next for Mose J Gingerich? Since I have now established that I thrive when I have TOO many things going, it only makes sense that I won’t just disappear into a hole in the ground. I am currently working with a person better qualified then myself, in finally and officially, writing my long anticipated book. This is a dream I’ve had for many years. As a matter of fact, Ever since I was a small child reading everything in sight, I knew this day was coming. The moment when something I have to say will be released and make an impact on many readers. Early expectations are for it to hit the shelves late 2012, to early 2013. The content of it… Well stay tuned. As usual, I promise I won’t let you down.

   In the meantime, I will be holed up in good old Mid Missouri, in a relatively quiet office at a car dealership, with no idea where I’ll be in 10 or 15 years, but realizing that my life has the potential of going in multiple different directions right now. And as I sit here riding it out, I am perfectly content for the moment, to just relax, let the chatter die down, re coupe that part of my strained brain that has been beaten by too many things or too much coming at me too fast for the last several years, and as I take a deep breath, I realize that I am exactly where I want to be. I have done exactly what I set out to do. For the time being, I am content just sitting back and relaxing.


66 thoughts on “It is Written, or is it…”

  1. I love that you took the time to give very sincere, though-out thanks to those who made the show happen – it shows your genuine & thoughtful nature that you have shown throughout the series, Mose.

    I can relate to the feeling of doing best in my life when I’m very busy (especially when it includes helping others) – May I suggest that you ask for discernment from God to see if there may be a reason that you have to keep your mind so busy at times (possibly to avoid feelings, dealing with relationships, etc). NOT to say that is what is going on, but just something to look at/consider.

    So glad the series was a success (at least it was, in my opinion!) If the show continues on I would definitely watch it – though I would think many would understand your decision not to continue on with it, if that was what you ultimately decided.

    Thank you for sharing so vulnerably of yourself, Mose. You are blessing to your community – and it has poured out beyond them into the lives of your viewers.

      1. The effort put forth by you, your wife, the behind the scenes people and the ex Amish who went on camera was astounding. You made a beautiful series. I think the book will be great, and I look forward to it. I have found myself praying for the Amish, those still in and the ex Amish. God bless them all. I am praying for you Mose. I can only imagine the challenges and pain of being shunned, and your series certainly shed a big light on it. I thought it was so moving that you would also help Michaela become Amish. That shows a lot of decency. I hope there is another season (God willing), and I am praying for you and all the people you are trying to help. God bless you.

    1. I like so many do not like the Reality shows, but i had seen the commercial for this one and said…..I WANT TO SEE IT…. i have always seen the Amish around our town, which is only 45 min from Columbia and wondered just how they lived. So i taped the first episode,came home at midnite from work and started to watch it,,,,,,To only be shocked to see a face that i knew and had not seen in 8 yrs talking to the camera…. The show has answered alot of questions that I have had about the Amish world,,,,and done with a touch of class as well. Please keep up your hard work with these kids, they all need someone to look up to, guide them, and give them the support they need to adapt and make it out here in this crule world of ours…..

  2. I’m glad to hear your evaluation of the year. You have definitely touched many people through the series and I’m glad that you have come away better for it. I would like to add one person who I am thankful for in the making of the series. I am grateful to your wife. She made many sacrifices during this year and she obviously shares your love for the ex-Amish community. Her love and commitment to you made it possible for you to go through this year of self discovery and community. We look forward to your book and we hope that perhaps a second season/ special will be in the future. You and all of the ex-Amish will continue in our prayers. We are all on a journey together. We know where we will all meet eventually but until then, good travels, happy traveling companions and much happiness Mose. :)

      1. Mose, next time your in Pa, try and contact me as the runnaways are increasing and as in your show, we have the funding in place just need a person to lead who knows the struggles. You have the calling and its time to do what your called to do! God will provide, and we stand ready to fund something to take root!

      2. Love you Shana! you’ve been an inspiration to me as well. you’re devotion to your husband and the courage you’ve shown to manage things behind the scenes should be lauded. kudos to you dear.
        big hugs from alaska

  3. I really enjoyed the show and would really miss not knowing what happened to everyone in their journey. However, I do pray for you and your family because no what they may say spending time with your wife and children is super important for them and you too.

    I really liked your idea of a counseling center for Ex-Amish and/or a training center to help them “in the way of the English”. Maybe that could be a show??

    Last but not least, I was very sorry to hear of the death of Cephas Yoder. He was a happy young man, working to realize his dreams. I am hoping that his brother who is out (Ex-Amish) will enjoy his house and the house is put to good use in Cephas name.

    God Bless and I believe Jesus will give you the answers your looking for and the help too!!

    Kym Mann

  4. Congratulations on a job well done! Your show has been such a blessing to me and to many others. I am looking forward to reading your book, too. I keep thinking of that counseling center you’ve thought about… It would be a blessing to not just ex-Amish or current Amish, but anyone who needs good Christian counseling and not a bunch of pills or Freud.
    Blessings to you and yours!!

  5. Mose, I’m so happy and grateful that you decided (with the help of your friends and colleagues) to make this series for the rest of us to watch and learn from all of you. It’s been entertaining and a learning experience and I’ve gained more people in my life that I care about. Even though I don’t know them personally, I do care about the people portrayed in your series and I hope that somehow, we’ll learn more about them in the future.

    I hope that Michaela will find the happiness she seeks. I hope Jonas will stick to his decision to stay out. I hope that all the others on the show will go on to have happy and satisfactory lives as ex-Amish. I wish that all of you could reconnect with your families, but I know that’s highly unlikely. That’s the saddest part about all of this and the hardest thing for me to reconcile in my mind. As a parent, I just can’t imagine turning my back on my children for any reason.

    I was deeply touched by the show with the Lapp brothers where you found forgiveness and the love of Jesus. Thank you for sharing that important event with all of us.

    I will always remember Cephas. He was an impressive young man and I’m sorry he didn’t live to meet his goals. I have no doubt he would met them!

    I wish you and your family all the best for the future, no matter which way your lives turn. I look forward to reading your book. I hope that you’ll stay in contact with those of us who have become attached to your story.

    You’re a good man, Mose Gingerich, and I truly believe that you are leading the life God led you to. Continue to touch the lives of those who leave the Amish. You’re doing an amazing thing with your life and you’re a born leader and a caring man. God bless you, Mose!

  6. Clearly, the story you have told in the series has entranced many, Mose. If you look at those people who have responded, and study their responses, I bet you can uncover the reason. If you can uncover the reason, you can find your next project.

    The kids you profiled with this story give a hope in hard work, wholesome values and love of life. It is a rediscovery of the same values our country has been famous for valuing. Why do they crave to see this? Find the answer to this, and you will know what you will be doing next!

  7. Mose: I know what it is like to have too many irons in the fire. You are a High Energy guy who always has the need for a project. Time to step back and find time to process the events you have participated in. As hard as it is, slowing down and finding a place to relax is very important for your sanity and state of health. The series “Ex-Amish, Out Of Order” has become a success. All of the staff and crew are to be commended on a job well done.

  8. I think with so much violence on TV and superficial reality shows, a show like “Amish: Out of Order” is so refreshing and needed. It’s inspiring to see real people in real life situations in a supportive community. We all struggle. We’ve all been alienated. Even though your lives are so much different than many, I believe more people than you realize can relate to the many issues that come up on the show. The people in your show are folks that, if many of the viewers saw on the street, would want to run up and hug. (I would imagine you all would find that frightening, lol, but I’m sure it’s true!!!). Whatever you decide, I’m so glad to have shared in a year of your lives. And I look forward to reading your book! All the best to everyone on the show, in front of the camera and behind the camera. Thank you.

  9. I was going to post what ellenc did about your wife…I loved your show and hope you get another season out of it and we get to hear about more of the ex-Amish.
    Have you found a church in your area or are you just meeting in homes with the others? We have a lot of home churches here that seem to get along well.
    Hope the counselling center comes to be, too. Not sure what we will watch on Tuesday eve’s during the summer…

  10. I don’t generally watch television programs that fall into the “reality” genre, but the series Amish: Out of Order touched me greatly. Your willingness and ability to explain Amish beliefs and practices — removing the romanticism without showing spite — is refreshing. I can’t imagine opening up to the world the way you and your friends and family have. May God continue to bless you all in your future projects.

  11. My wife and I really enjoy going to Amish place’s like sugar creek Ohio and this fall will be our first time Indiana. I will be riding my bicycle to sugar creek in July.
    its only 76 miles from us.I do that ride every year
    I did see you go to many places near us Mose try it on a bike next time or let me know we could ride together.

  12. Hey Mose,

    So nice to read your sincere writing about your life. I am looking forward to reading your book and maybe watching another season on TV, if the Lord wills.

    Someday Mose, if you’re still selling Toyotas, a retired guy from Washington State is going to buy a vehicle from you. And your commission from that sale can help fund part of your dreams for the Ex-Amish.

    And you thought you were only making a TV program. :O)

  13. I was sad about Cephas death my thoughts and prayers are with him, and with you Mose. I like the Idea of the foundation to help the ex amish, but you could also include the amish as well, like the place you visited in Penn. They need e counseling as well. It was good to see them talk about Cephas and remebering the good times
    it helps them in the grieving process, The way the Amish grieve reminds of the English expression of keeping a “Stiff upper Lip”. I did visit Pinecraft briefly and it is a nice place, but did not see any Amish yet just to pick up a pie from Yoders, but when time permits I will go back for a more detailed visit.

  14. Well done, Mose. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and hope for more. Have you ever considered getting a college degree? You have a natural ability to bring people together and problem solve very complex issues. You’d make a wonderful counselor, teacher, psychologist – anything! Wishing you a great summer and I hope to see more of your story on Nat Geo soon – there are lessons for us all in what the ex-Amish go through!

  15. Thank you for your honesty, for not hiding behind false humility and for being confident in who God has made you as a person.
    The people behind the scenes were a definite reflection of how the show came across, heartfelt, sincere and caring.
    We all hope for much more from you and the ex-Amish, we all look forward to your book.
    I know God will guide your path as he promises. If you and the family every want to escape to the mountains of West Virginia, let me know

  16. I also am grateful that this program was produced. It has been a very inspiring show to watch. My nephew left my brother’s very rigid fundamentalist household & came to us.. My brother is a Baptist Fundamentalist minister. I understand & appreciate my nephew’s strength & courage so much more now after meeting the young people on Amish: Out of Order. Thank you all for putting this show on the air.

  17. I have yet to view the last episode, but I have to say I truly loved the series for showing how it is to live as former Amish. I appreciate the care taken with this project.

  18. Mose,
    I am So Grateful that you did this year long Series of Amish Out Of Order! Having Come From The Amish/Mennonite it helped me to see things from A Different Perspective other than just my own. Even if you helped no one else….You helped me!! But I know for a fact that you helped THOUSANDS UPON Of people across the World. You Showed us ALL …THE TRUTH!!!
    I am So Grateful that in the Making of this show…You KEPT IT REAL! You Showed us who you really are, and that you have Feelings just like anyone else. You shared in this Blog that your sales were higher while you were doing this show, and I believe it is due to you Doing the WORK OF THE LORD!!!!
    I hope there is another Season to Amish: Out of Order, and if not…Then I will Wait PATIENTLY :) For the Release of your book!! :) :) I can’t wait to read it :)
    Thanks so Much For all that you did to Open the Eyes of Others in my own Community that I grew up in. Thanks for Coming to Ohio!! :)
    God Bless you my Friend,
    B.J. Miller

    1. Thank You B.J. I took a lot of criticism from a handful of people. Mostly people with Amish ties, If you scan down further, you may see what I speak of. But probably 98% of all viewers “got It”. I will take that ratio. I might also add that by far the majority of viewers with Amish ties were very supportive and agreed with me that this show needed to be told.

  19. When my kids were growing up and getting in trouble I used to tell them that we were going to go join an Amish community. I didn’t really know very much about how the Amish lived. All I knew was that at that time I was wishing for a place to go where they would be protected from all the bad things that go on in this world. Of course I didn’t and couldn’t, but to me it looked like a bit of heaven here on earth.
    I have learned so much about the Amish from your show. I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite shows on TV. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I never miss an episode of Amish Out Of Order.
    I am so impressed with the solid work ethic that you all have. I have watched the X-Amish kids learn to make their way in this crazy mixed up English world. At times it looks like they are struggling and at other times, they look like they are enjoying every minute of it and all the new experiences.
    I want to offer my deepest sympathy for the loss of your friend Cephas.
    I hope to see your book in the book stores very soon. I know I will be buying it. If you decide to do another season of Amish Out of Order, I will be watching. You all are awesome people.
    May the Lord watch over you and those X-Amish kids. God bless you all.

  20. Amish Out of Order is a wonderful show. Mose, I was brought to tears when you were with the Lapp brothers.

    Cephas’ untimely death ripped me to the core. I sobbed during that entire show. It’s been a few days, and I’m still driven to tears and a lump in my throat when I think about him and the grief you all had to deal with.

    I have come to think of the ex-Amish in your community as part of my life. As I watch, I see how a Community Center of some sort would be so helpful for the ex-Amish to work through everyday issues they are faced with.

    Thanks Mose and Shana. Hoping for another season but only if it doesn’t cause undue pressure on your family life and marriage.

  21. Hello Mose and all,
    I am a new follower of your series as I don’t usually watch TV. Thank you for sharing your real life journey. I initially wanted to write out of concern for you and your immediate and extended family. Today, I am relieved to know about Mr. Hoagland and his holistic support for you and yours. I will give thanks and praise to Him who provides for your needs. Please take care of yourself and your precious family.
    Best regards always

  22. I’m from Yoder, Kansas but I am Mennonite. It was not pleasant but pleasing to watch this show and see the non idealized side of the Amish story be told.

      1. I too miss those years. I think the Whispering Pines School is now in Hutchinson. And the public school in Yoder is now a charter school. The Yoder Mennonite Church is now gone and it belongs to a Mennonite church in Hutchinson.
        I know you hear this many times a day, but you made me think deeply. I thought about my family members who are still Amish. I am more compassionate for watching your show, thank you.

  23. Mose,
    I believe that the Amish: Out of Order series was definitely a project that was inspiring, educational, heart warming and at the same time heart wrenching. You and all the folks involved in this did a awesome job of getting the truth out in public. My grandmother use to say, What is done in the dark, will soon come to light.” I believe that was the case with this show. What ever the Lord leads you to do next, I am sure He will have His hand in it. I certainly hope to see a 2nd season and am looking forward to your book. Thank you to your wife and children for their patience and support they gave you as you took this journey. God Bless all your future endeavors.

  24. Thank you for sharing your life with America. You are truly inspirational and on the path that God has lead you to…I was so touched by your dedication to Cephas, I cried through the episode when he was lost as though I had known him all my life. It reminded me of losing my younger sister who was 17, 17 years ago in a car accident. It was wonderful how you gathered the ex-Amish and the English together to celebrate his life. Please film a second season…your insights to your life, and the lives of the ex- Amish are touching, heartwarming and helping more people lean toward the Lord. Thank you again!!! God Bless!


    1. Yea. Ummm. Sounds like maybe you are harboring some issues in your own household or marriage. Until you know me, my wife, and my family personally, and the relationship we have, do not judge me. Maybe, just maybe, my wife is quite happy with me and this blog! However, if I ever need another wife, I will see if I can track you down, Lol.

      1. Mose, I think everyone with an open mind and who watched understood what you did with this series. I thought it was very balanced.

        In groups that are closed-minded, and I would put most Amish and some Mennonites in that category, telling the truth is equivalent to an attack.

        I heard a few locals here in Berlin crticize the show as “against the Amish”. I asked if they had seen the show. Answer: “No.” Uh-huh.

        No matter what group we identify with, it is best to acknowledge the truth about any aspect of of our group that is negative, and have an honest conversation with our critics. Trying to hide the truth just doesn’t work in the age of the internet.

        It’s classic “shoot the messenger” mentality.

        Tell the truth without spite, and let the Peaches of the world carry the burden of not really understanding what is happening around them.

  26. It would be nice if NG would at least do a update special on how everyone was doing. Great show, loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait for the next one
    to come on. I am one of those people that stay after a movie to read the credits. All I can say to NG and Field Producer Jeff Hoagland, fantastic show, great story, beautiful photography and keeping the story real! Thank you and God Bless

  27. Interesting how some of the Mennonite community responded; of the two I saw one was very positive, and the other not so enthralled. I don’t think the purpose of Amish: Out of Order was to criticize, villify or otherwise harm the central core of the Amish culture or its belief, but to show the “English” a glimpse into the lives of those who choose to leave their communities and how they prevail. Under the guidance of Mose Gingrich and the many people he works with to provide these young men and women some sense of stability, love and acceptance is tantamount to what everyone should do toward their fellow men and women.

  28. Hey Mose, I was going to say that you forgot to mention Shana, but everybody already did! I absolutely loved this show and as much as I would love another season, you shouldn’t do it based on pressure from anywhere or anyone. Only do it if you decide it’s right. Also, you’re never going to please everyone, you’re going to get critisized no matter what you do, try to look at the overall effect you have rather than the opinion of a few. I’m looking forward to your book coming out. Have fun relaxing whether that means doing absolutely nothing or too many things at once. Take care :)

  29. I firmly believe that Mose is following the path that God has laid before him. There will always be critics, but the faithful will follow their heart. I thank God that these ex-Amish young people have a man as brave as Mose.

  30. Thanks for a most insightful series. I live in PA not far from Lancaster county where many Amish live. I have always been interested in the Amish and your show certainly helped to give the English a view of the Amish we never really knew. I look forward to your book and more shows. At least give us an update so we can see how the young folks are doing. Blessings to you and your family.

  31. I have watched all your episodes, Mose, and I think you were chosen by God to do His work, by helping those who want to live on the outside of the Amish faith. I believe there are probably some issues in your life that you may just have to keep praying about, especially your mom, whom you are estranged from. I gather that you do have siblings that are also living on the outside?
    I was so touched with your Christmas episode, your gathering and dedication to Cephas Yoder, the young man who was killed when the deer caused his accident. I hope that you will come to find that you are doing the Lord’s work by being the good guy that you are, by being compassionate, and showing those young people that there is a way of life for you here on the outside. Keep up the good work, and I do hope you will have more seasons of shows. If not, I may just have to come to Columbia and get your autograph! I wish you so much happiness with your young family and your extended family of young people who look up to you for guidance and assistence!

  32. Hi Mose,
    First I would like to extend to you and the whole Ex-Amish group from Columbia a most heartfelt sympathy at your great loss. Cephas was a good person surely too be missed but never forgotten. One question I do have is that in the DVD at your home it appeared that he was wearing a seatbelt, yet the night of the accident I understand he wasn’t. Hopefully this will be a lesson for others that they should wear one like you told them.
    I am sadden that the season is over (thanks to my DVR I can still see the shows again)but can understand the pressure and inconvience it puts on your family and you while your were filming them. Hopefully Natgeo will at least agree to another update show and everyone can agree to it. I thought it was quite thoughtful in writing about the people behind the scenes, as often times they are not recognize as having a lot to due with the show.
    I don’t think you could have done a more thoughtful thing for your Ex-Amish group than having that party and especially Cephas’s memorial service. I can understand the apprehension you had knowing it was not the usual Amish custom, but I do believe it was need. Although you may not consider yourself a leader, to those kids you are. They a very lucky to have a person such as yourself. I know it is hard for Jonas to be away from his family, but I always thought that the Ex-Amish of Columbia to be one big family with bothers and sisters helping each other. It still was a hard decision for him to make, wish him the best of luck.
    It was also great seeing you find God. I still wrestle with belief in him, but seeing you struggling and then finding him has only given me hope and strength that I will find him also.
    In closing (think I said enough), Can’t wait for your book either. I read Ira Wagler book and found it quite interesting reading. As far as forgetting your wife Shana, anyone who has a love one should understand what she did for you and not have to be reminded of the sacrifices she has made and the devotion for her family that she has ( by always being there). Good luck to you my friend in your future endeavors, and the Ex-Amish center. May God Bless you and your family (and extended family)and keep you safe and in Good Health.
    With no more shows, please keep this bog going, as it is the only way to keep up with the Ex-Amish and you.

    God Bless you all

  33. You should be very proud of all your hard work you did helping the ex- Amish.
    Loved he show it taught me alot regarding the Amish way of life. Good luck with all your future plans. Can’t wait to read your book!

    God Bless you and your lovely family.

  34. Mose,

    Please, please, please teach all the young ones the importance of wearing their seat belts! I noticed how many people don’t wear them and it scares me just to see it.

    I’ve come to care greatly for the success of all your new worlds and safety is also a newly learned lesson. So, each time you hand over the keys to a car, please add “Always remember to buckle up for safety”.

    God Bless you all.

    Jackson, NJ

  35. Hi Mose:

    I hope you enjoy a well deserved rest. You and your family as well as your ex-Amish friends need to have time away from the spotlight.

    I, like many others, do not usually watch any reality television programs. Yours was different as I grew up near Amish in several states. In fact my Grandmother was from an Amish background. It was not so severe culturally to leave the Amish in 1908. I enjoyed seeing how some of the ex-Amish coped being away from a family structure and a life so very different from what they now are experiencing.

    I was so amazed at how attached I could become to Cephas and I only saw a bit of him in a few episodes. He was so positive and fearless and I was devastated by his loss.

    Now that Cephas has passed, it is evident that he is influencing his other ex-Amish friends and the memory of him will live on with them. I hope that Amos continues his studies at University and achieves his dream of being an Engineer. He could also influence the other ex-Amish as they see him achieve his dreams. Jonas needs a lot of support if he is to stay out of his Amish family. He appeared very vulnerable to me.

    I look forward to hearing somehow about Michaela, and how she is doing in her Amish life, She is very young too and will need support to attain her dream of becomming Amish. It seems that she will get that and will be successful.

    I also cannot wait to read your book. I read Ira Waglers book and Marlene Miller’s book (she is a woman who joined the Amish but was born English). I have enjoyed reading both sides of the issue. Your book Mose will be great. As you can see your fanbase is eager to learn more about you and your ex-Amish friends.

    Thank you so much for opening up your world to the rest of us. I think the counselling center will be a great addition to Columbia and I definitely want to be a part of the Cephas Foundation. You have touched many of us and I know God will reward you abundently.

    Best Wishes to you and your lovely family.

  36. I really enjoyed watching this series and learning all the things I have taken from the show. I also would love for it to continue as a series to update us how the kids and your family are doing. I have come to love each person on the show and want the best for all of you. God bless! jen

  37. I am truly sorry to see this end. I have learned a lot from this series. I hope in the future there will be more of the ex-amish. I don’t watch reality shows, but this one is different.

    You should be very proud of your family and your friends. You and your friends have struggled with a decision that not many can make. To leave your family and venture out into a different world is something that not many people are willing to do, esp. if it means cutting ties with your family.

    I pray that the ex-amish community will continue and thrive.

    I get somewhat upset when people critize the amish. They are no different than “English” people are. They only live a lifestyle different than ours. Law abiding citizens with a sense of family.

    I hope you are able to continue at some point to be able to keep us updated on the community.

    Your wife is an amazing woman. You are very lucky to have her in your life. She seems to be a very loving person who supports you 100%.

    Please keep your blog going and update us on what may be coming up in the future.

  38. It never occurred to me that there might not be another season. My 17-year-old daughter and I watch the show every week. We have learned so much and the show has opened up some great dialogue between us – esp. regarding the different denominations of Christianity. I truly think that God shakes His head in disbelief at some of the rules we have made up forgetting what Jesus said, “To love one another as I have loved you”.

    If you decide not to film another season, I want to thank you for the work you have done.

    BTW: Glad so many readers mentioned your dear wife. She sounds like such a wonderful woman and truly the one for you!

    I just began following the blog. I will be looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and how the community is doing.

    God’s Blessings on you and your family.

  39. Hi Mose,
    I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I have enjoyed watching the show. It is clearly evident how much you care for your community of Ex- Amish and how heavy that burden can be to carry at times. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you seek out the next chapter in your life. God has called you to a great undertaking….I know because I too am in a life of service to other and sometimes the cost emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially can seem overwhelming. Yet, God will give you the grace as you need it.

    My prayers are with the people in your community as they set out in a foreign land to forge a new life for themselves. May you all come to truly know in your hearts that The Lord is for you. He loves you with and everlasting love and if He is with you and for you, who could be against you?

    I look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of you. Just remember all of you have many friends and supporters out here among us English… more then you know! ;0)

    Blessings upon you and your family especially your dear wife who I am sure you are grateful for!

  40. Mose, You actually do read these things! I say that because I visit here occasionally – my way of ‘keeping in touch’- Reading the criticism by the Mennonite lady (Peach)of Amish men in general and you in particular (June 21) I got a big laugh out of your reply. I had an ‘uncle’ by marriage (to my aunt) whose sister was a Mennonite from Dixon, Illinois. Some ladies can be testy.

  41. The note is for Esther who wants to be an actress. There are many independent film companies who do good family films that she could act in without lowering any of her convictions. Two companies, Provident films and Affirm films have worked a church somewhere on the southeast coast (Georgia or the Carolinas) making the films “Fireproof”, “Courageous”, “Fly Wheel” and one other. Bob Jones University is a Christian college that has a fantastic film department that does a film every few years. They also do several Shakespearean plays a year. I thinks they would good options for Esther.

  42. Dear Mose,

    Here in Canada, the series has only recently started. I think we are at the half point now: this week’s episode is the one were you visit your cousin and try to regain contact with your mother. I must say my heart ached for you upon hearing her unwillingness to reach out. I cannot fathom what that must have felt like. I can imagine how much you miss her, as I lost my mother to Breast Cancer back in 2005.

    I felt compelled to try to reach out to you to offer what support and sympathy I could, even though it sounds strange when you think that, to you, I am a total stranger. And here I find out that Cephas has passed away: I had no idea, since I have not seen that episode yet. I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and the whole community.

    Be proud of what you have accomplished and of the work you continue to do. You are a wonderful mentor.

    God Bless,


  43. Dear Mose,
    I really enjoyed watching Amish Out of Order.
    All of the things you spoke of I took to heart.
    I lost my father when I was five and my mom died from brain cancer in 2006. I was her care giver. My father n law and mom both had cancer. It was a very hard year. My daughter got married then two days later my father n law died and eleven days later my mom died. I was so stressed it took me a very long time to feel normal again.
    I was not allowed to follow the religion I was raised, my exhusbond would not allow it.
    A few months ago, I decided to become a full catholic. I felt something was missing in my life and I was watching one of the Amish Out of Order episodes by my self. Thats when it hit me I need God in my life to finish what was started for me by my father.
    I got a surprised call and I will be starting classes in October 2012 to become a full catholic and my first marriage was anuled by the church. My husband was very supportive and we will be married for ten years in August.
    I feel at peace and thank you for the series. Keep up the wonderful work you do for the kids.


  44. I have absolutely loved watching Amish Out of Order. Being one of those myself, I know first hand the struggles and culture shock that come with the choice to leave the Amish. By the end of the show I felt like I knew these kids and I hope there will be a second season coming. What you are doing for the kids leaving home is incredible and I think Shana is awesome to be able to open up her home and heart to them. It is not always easy for someone who has never been there to quite understand how it is to leave. I had a hard time understanding how Michaela would want to join the Amish but you were right in saying we all have our choices and we can’t make those for other people. I am looking forward to your book when it comes out!

  45. Thank you sooo much for this television show. I like the way it brings both the Amish and the ex-Amish into the reality of their lives instead of just being a quaint tourist attraction. I live in Canada in a region where the Mennonites have begun to move to because they are tired of being a tourist attraction. Years ago a group of stupid “English” boys threw a beer bottle out of their truck and it hit a lovely Mennonite girl who was riding in her family buggy…that sparked some families into moving away from the Kitchener/st. Jacobs region. I am a high school teacher and I remember my grade 12boys telling me about encountering one of the first Mennonite families that moved here…the mennonite boys had ditched their buggy and it was cold and dark late at night, they were scared of my boys and insisted they didn’t need help….my boys helped any way and got the buggy back on the road. I found it sad that the Mennonite boys were afraid of my students because of the taunts and stares they had encountered in their other town. The families became friends and the boys told me that the mother of the mennonite boys brought pies over to the families of ny students as a thank you. Friendship can definitely begin over pe! Now, years later, we have horse &buggy parking areas right in my city of 25,000 and seeing them around town is normal…here they are just members of the community, not a tourist attraction.

    Thank you Mose for doing this show and showing the people behind the stereotype. Your show has done so much good. I really hope we see a season 2.

  46. I also want to thank you for bringing the stories of the ex-Amish to everyone here in Canada where your shows airs on Nat Geo. I stumbled upon the show and was immediately taken in by the sincerity of this “reality show” which is sorely lacking in other shows of its ilk.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another season. I want to catch up on everyones lives. I also think that the more exposure the ex-Amish have, the more support there will be from the public for a future counselling center, similar to the one you visited on your road trip. I think about how great it would be to have a place for the ex-Amish to congregate, especially the new ones who feel rootless. Someplace they can feel at home, where they can seek help or simply put their feet up for a few hours in a comfortable environment to chat with others and feel part of a community. I hope this happens.

    I’m going to send an email to National Geographic expressing my interest in another season of Amish Out of Order!

  47. I have watched the show and am from Quebec, Canada. I have to say you have truly inspired me. I think what you do for others will always be remembered. I also believe that family is who surrounds you with love even if not always blood related. Be proud of yourself and always remember that if you manage to inspire one person in your life than you will always be remembered and that is a huge gift. God bless you for being there for others.

  48. Moses to be honest with you i was skeptical of you at first when i started watching. Then i was in arthur helping an amish friend of mine. he asked about my life in the army. when i sat that night i thought of how hard it was to leave the Army. i grew a new perspective. I am glad thaet i have watched the show. you have been such a good christian helping those who have chosen to leave the order.i know that it is a very hard choice to make. i hope that you find your answers

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