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Life’s A Drag

The long anticipated video of my Drag Queen experience. Yes, I am not a shy person, and with my weird sense of humor, this was right up my alley. The event was held to benefit Missouri Special Olympics. With 17 Drag Queens entertaining an audience of nearly 1000 at the Capitol Plaza in Jefferson City, we raised over $32,000. Enjoy, and thank you to everyone who had the “brass” to participate.

Video without the added music

Video with music, can’t be played by many devices
This was actually rather an enjoyable night, and considering that I have never been to one, wasn’t sure what goes on at one, and definitely didn’t know what to do when I walk through those doors, I left feeling like I gave it my all.

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  1. In Juneau, Alaska, they put on an annual drag show and fundraiser.

    Many of the guys are straight, some are not, and it is amazing how pretty some of them can be. Your Marilyn, Mose, is right up there. :)

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