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The Power of Healing

Episode 6 recap & 7 review

A Camry Hybrid running out of gas…. Right! So in my good ole Camry’s defense, there was just a little more to this then just running out of gas. My trusted GPS Navigation system was the bigger default here. When I got into the car to go to the baptism, I plugged in the address, and it said 26 miles to destination, 28 miles to empty. Always one to walk on the edge of the fence, I made a decision.

                                     Cameraman, Danny Gingerich, Field Producer, Uriah S.

Do I stop and get gas and show up at the last minute, or do I go to the baptism and live on a hope and a prayer that there is a gas station close by? I decided it’s more important to make the baptism. The rest is history. I get to the destination that my technologically impaired device called the GPS pointed me to, circled the 1 mile block like 4 times looking for this destination, and when I finally realized that I was at the completely wrong place, and like 20 miles from the actual baptism, it was too late. Not only couldn’t I get ahold of anyone of the few people I had made an acquaintance with in Ohio by then, because they were all at the baptism with their phones shut off to vibrate, (I assume) But I was out in the middle of nowhere Ohio, far from any gas station. I suppose it only makes sense that we narrowed the whole confusion down to me just running out of gas. Otherwise, pretty soon I would be doing a commercial for Toyota, it’s hybrid mechanism, it’s Blue tooth, and finally it’s GPS/navigation system, which, in it’s defense, I blame on a confusing Ohio land layout. Sorry, all you Buckeyers, you have some curvy roads and confusing over and under passes and intersections.
However, in all that confusion, I stumbled across Joe Keim and MAP (Mission to Amish People) Ministries. Some people in life who have a calling, you sometimes feel like they could do just about anything, and should also be in other fields. I do believe Joe Keim is exactly where God wants him, and is doing exactly what his calling is for him. I have rarely had the opportunity to meet a man who gave his whole life and trust so completely in God. I know, like Danny Gingerich said, that Joe Keim has caught his share of criticism, but I truly don’t believe that he could quit doing what he is called to do even if he tried to. The world, the Amish, the ex Amish, and yes, God, need him right where he is.
Might I add that this was the hardest episode I have ever done or watched of anything I’ve ever done. I fought tooth and nail against doing the part where I try to reconnect with my mom. The sole reason being that I knew she would be devastated when she found out. However, since I had talked to the man above multiple times before I finally committed to being a part of this show, I, same as Joe Keim, put my faith in God to guide me on this journey I was on during the filming of this show. Might I also add that there were parts, besides the story about my mom, that I battled against, but in the end I truly and completely believe God was guiding me and planning ahead for me on this journey. Looking at it from that perspective, I can’t disagree with anything that happened or how it was aired.
And BTW, for those who have questions regarding whether or not I have found my salvation in Christ the Savior, or whether I am still searching, I am very happy to inform you that I have indeed given my life to God! I still do have some battles, but every time I talk to God, it becomes easier, and I am becoming closer to feeling free from some of my chains that held me fast for so many years! In other words, it is not an overnight thing. However, I think anyone who has walked in my shoes, can agree with me that gradually it becomes easier and you become stronger and more sure of what to listen to and what to disregard.
One of the things I battled against on a daily basis during the filming of this show, was making myself to be a leader or Mentor of the ex Amish in Columbia, Mo. I might state that I am a very reluctant “credit taker” on this. There are so many older ex Amish in Columbia who do at least as much as I do or even more, who deserve praise or would make a better leader or mentor, but I suppose the difference is, I am the one who chose to tell his story.
That being said, I have no regrets so far for my role in this series. I did what I started out to do, said what I wished to say, and I have received an unbelievably large amount of feedback and support from people who’s lives have been touched by watching this series.
I am very happy to say that I do have several brothers who have also left the ex Amish living in Wisconsin, who have made my life out here easier. It is such a “burden lifter” to have some older brothers to look up to for support!
For those of you that may have been confused about my having been out of the Amish for only nine years, but those letters had been hidden in the upstairs for like 16, let me briefly explain. When I was 16, I left the Amish in Wisconsin, and Gordy took me in and I lived there for about 6 months. At 16, the change was too big, and there were not that many ex Amish in Wisconsin back in the mid 90’s, so I went back, taught School for 5 yrs in the Amish community, and finally at 22 yrs old, left again. This time I left for good. I honestly didn’t remember the letters and songs I had hidden up in the attic. It wasn’t until I stood in that upstairs and the memories started flooding over me from that time in my childhood, and where I was at in my life at that time, that it all came back to me. I remembered how much value I had put into these songs and poems, and I knew if I took them home, how I knew they would be burned, so I left them at the house with the intentions of some day going back and getting them if I ever left the Amish again.
As far as Curtis. Yes, there have been many who have come to me trying to get to the Ex Amish. As it turned out, Curtis wasn’t able to handle the spotlight too well. He ended up trying to do more stories in this area by telling the newspapers and TV networks that he was born Amish and converted to Mennonite, when in all actuality, he was a troubled teen Born and raised in the outside world, had some problems in high school, who somehow during the filming of this show, was trying his hand as a Mennonite.

                                              Meeting the Lapp Brothers and families

Now, If you think episode 6 was a tear jerker, I regret to inform you that episode 7 will be even deeper and heavier. My road trip continues, takes me to PA again, and I meet some really interesting former Amish men there. Did I find even more answers there? Not that I am trying to make excuses, but I can honestly say that I was in a haze for the most part when I was with these guys, so I am for the first time, watching this episode from a complete viewers angle. What I saw, made me cringe, and I suppose in fairness to myself, I may not have put out there so openly had I been in my right frame of mind.
Did I encounter any life changing events during this trip? All I can say is that I came away with a lot more to think about, different perspectives on a lot of things in life, and again, no regrets.
As I sit here in my safe, cozy little office at work waiting for someone who may be wanting to take advantage of our Memorial Day savings here at the dealership, on this Memorial Day, I can’t help but contemplate the fact that this series, my and my friends’ stories, and so many other simple pleasures in life are possible because we have so many Men and Women laying their life’s down for me and you, so we can go about our life’s peacefully. I am overwhelmed by the realization that I have a great and fulfilling life, family, and oh so many friends who I can hang out with!
God Bless America, our freedom, our troops, and our rights!

Until next time, Bleib fescht im Glava!

34 thoughts on “The Power of Healing”

    1. Greetings Mose (& family). I have watched several of your shows now & am very touched by your experiences. Thank you for being so open & honest with your opinions and feelings – God is truly doing a mighty work in & for you!! My heart goes out to you – I know what it is like to be ‘shunned’ – I am not former Amish, but was disowned 30 years ago by my adopted parents – what was supposed to be my forever family. They had done this before, but my marriage was the ‘final straw’ & I have not spoken to anyone in 30 years now. My thoughts & prayers are with you and yours. Don’t let ‘religion’ get in your way as you draw closer to God. Christ wants a relationship with you – not religion! He wants to live in your heart & love you as noone else ever can!! It was a VERY hard way for me & I almost ran running and screaming from HIM because of ‘preachers’. Don’t let this happen to you….just let HIM love you into a deeper relationship with HIM and accept HIM as your Savior in your heart. You will NEVER regret it! God’s richest blessings to you and all you are in contact with. Can’t wait to see more shows and to read your book. It touches a deep part in my heart!

  1. It’s been wonderful following your progress, Mose. I am enjoying reading your blog posts, too.

    And you’re right; peaceful living today is possible because we have fellow countrymen and women who are serving in our military. May God Bless our country!

  2. Mose, I am so touched by all the stories of the ex-Amish and your decision to share your journey on Amish: Out of Order. I was similarly shunned by my parents after choosing to leave the Catholic church when I got married 35 years ago, as my husband I were married by a protestant chaplain while we were in the military. My parents said we were living in adultery and could not accept our marriage outside of the Catholic church. The latest show brought back so many memories and the pain of rejection from our parents goes deeper than words can express. Many years have passed; we have moved on by God’s grace and healing, but sometimes I still feel sad from the harsh judgment my parents and siblings inflicted on me.

    However, my husband and I are so thankful for each other, and God’s love is for everyone. Our three adult children live nearby, and we will always welcome them with open arms, no matter what. Our greatest blessing is that our children love us, and know that we will always love and accept them.

    God Bless you! Thank you so much!

  3. Beautifully written. Rejoicing knowing that you have made Jesus your Saviour! Continue to run the race…go forth! You have a vast support system.

  4. Hi Mose,

    Greetings to you From Columbus, Ohio. I am SO THRILLED that you have Accepted Christ as your VERY OWN PERSONAL LORD & SAVIOR!!!!! I now know that if Anything should ever happen to either one of us on this earth…I will get to Meet you in Heaven One Day!!! Because according to the Book of 1st Peter 1: 3-5..It says:
    (3) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,(4) to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you,(5) who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.
    That Means that NOTHING and NOBODY Can Ever TAKE AWAY What God Has Given You SO FREELY!!!! :) How Way AWESOME AND COOL IS THAT!!!
    I am So Grateful To God for Having a Newfound Brother in Christ!!! I am Grateful to Men Like Jonas Keim Who Shared God’s Love With you that you might Come to know Jesus as your Own Personal Lord and Savior. :) :)
    Keep Doing what you are doing Mr. Mose!!! You are EXACTLY where God Wants you!!!!
    I hope you know that you have truly touched the life of my 17 yr. old son by your Show Amish Out of Order. Can’t wait to see the Next Episode Tomorrow Night!!!
    Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Mr. Mose!!!
    B.J. & Stephen Miller

  5. Hello Mose!

    I am trying to get up the courage to write here on your blog. It has been so wonderful to have glimpses into your journey and I am beyond thrilled that you are now saved. It’s so nice to be able to call you a brother in Christ!!!!!! I also think its neat that you have this forum to be honest and share some of the behind-the-scenes stuff…always interesting. You seem to keep it real especially when you post from work…hahahaha! Hope you are closing some sales today!
    I am happy to hear that you are learning to ignore the false “darts” thrown at you and discern God’s voice and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I know that you will be able to share all of this with the x-Amish/searching Amish that God puts in your path! I pray that the peacefulness that you are seeking will grow strong. I would also pray that your wonderful wife and family are able to follow in your footsteps. The show did not elaborate on your wife other than the fact that she seems very loving and supportive….which is great!!!
    Ok….just wanted to add my voice to your supporters and let you know that you, your family and all of the searching Amish are in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless,

  6. Mose,
    I am happy that you decided to share your story with us. I have been inspired by your dedication in helping other ex Amish. You must know that you are fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.
    The best news is of course that now you are a new brother in Christ. I’m sure our Lord has much more in store for you. Especially as you learn more about the Bible.
    I accepted Christ after reading the book of John. I reccomend that you read it and that you stay in the word daily.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  7. Mose,
    I have watched every show and am in awe at your strength and those who have chosen to leave the Amish ways. I’ve read your blogs and must say that what you’ve gone through is much like so many of us that drifted away from our beliefs. I have had so many personal struggles that while I left my church, I now know that God didn’t ever leave me. About 5 yrs ago, many things were happening in my life and something in my core was telling me I needed to find a church and get things right in my life. Long story short, I prayed many prayers and God lead me to what is now my church and my church family and I’m so blessed. I still have struggles, as we all do, but my faith keeps me strong and gets me through so much. I have Prayer Warriors all over and believe the power of prayer is one of the most mighty things we have. So, I will continue to watch you as you start your journey with God and sharing it with us. May you forever be blessed.

  8. Mose,
    Your journey continues, and with it, we see the twists and turns it takes. While I understand that you want to put your best self out there for us to see, it is the moments when we are not at our best, and how we react to them that give us the greatest opportunities to gain understanding.

    Your willingness to allow us as much transparency for seeing into the reality of your journey is what sets this show apart. It takes intelligence, strength and humility to do that and you display all of those characteristics.

    Ernest Hemingway defined courage as demonstrating “grace under pressure.” One could argue that the word “grace” indeed has a double-meaning here.

    I am looking forward to seeing the episode.

  9. Mose, I sell Fords, so i can relate some too. I work with our youth group. I can tell you that I understand many of the things that you are going through. I went to bible college and my dad pretty much disowned me. I prayed for 32 years for him. 4 days before he died. he accepted Christ…sorry, this isn’t about me. i was just saying, keep searching, and when you’re ready, just look up,Christ will be reaching down, ready to take you into his arms , just know, many ae praying for you and your ministry.. you’re doing awesome.. in Christ. rex. , rexieman@hotmail

  10. Hello from Baltimore.
    Just want to let you know we are so thankful to see that you have found the freedom of salvation through Christ. The work with the ex-Amish that God has set before you is an awesome thing. He will guide you all the way as you keep your eyes on him.
    We spend a lot of time in Lancaster, PA and have come to love the people in the Amish communities there. They are as you have discovered,very kind and friendly to the “english” and as Christians and english, we have had a burden for them for some time. They are God’s children too and we hope and pray that they and all of the Amish & ex-Amish find the truth in Christ.
    God Bless you,
    in Christ, Nancy

  11. Mose,

    Your faith in Christ is truly an answer to our prayers. Our pastor often says that “Religion will kill you but a relationship with Christ will save you.” This is so often true with the lower Amish groups. It is a joyful occasion when we see anyone cutting through the religion and finding that relationship.

    When my wife and I saw the first few episodes, your heart to help those kids was so impressive. We guessed that you had reacted, understandably, to the harsh judgment you had received, and we perceived that you had gone to the other end of that spectrum – where you were not going to judge anyone or any behavior. Acutally, we think the latter is better than the former. But there is a problem with being non-judgmental – those kids can get hurt by some things they do. If we love people, we have to be careful that we are not passive about them getting hurt. Still, exerting good moral influence is best done through unconditional acceptance of people, friendship, truth in soft words, and by example.

    It was amazing to us that you had the kind of introspection that allowed you to ultimately recognize that this element was something you were missing in your desire to help these kids. Very few people are willing to be that honest about and with themselves.

    We believe that your faith will be the thing that takes your ministry to these kids over the top.

    PS: It was terribly hot here Sunday. 7 New Order Amish girls (ages 16-25)came over to sit in the AC. They asked if they could see the “Amish show”. I had last week’s episode on the DVR. They loved it! They giggled a lot. I have a feeling that they will show up again tonight!

  12. Hi Mose: Thanks for maintaining this blog. It’s nice to watch the stories on TV and then get more thoughts here and share. When you say it isn’t an overnight thing and it isn’t easy, I think about a saying I’ve repeated to myself over the years. It’s Buddhist, but you can easily transfer it to your own experience: Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. Finding your own personal relationship with Christ, or whatever it is one believes in, changes you completely and at the same time not at all. You still have all the work to do around here. And you have to be tough to get mowed over by enlightenment and paradoxes. You’re a tough one, Mose. You’re no cupcake. I don’t see you resting on your laurels when the cameras stop rolling, but instead using your experience to better help even more people. It’s a really important show, thanks so much for doing it. Love & prayers for you, your family, & your friends.

  13. Mose – I don’t usually post on blogs, but after reading yours for weeks now I just couldn’t resist any longer!

    First, having lived in nine states in my life – and currently living in Ohio (for 9 years) – I agree that Ohio roads, by far, are the most messed up when it comes to the GPS! I’m sorry to hear that you became a victim of that! Being a long term, loyal Toyota owner, I will say that the “miles remaining” feature has never failed me so I’m glad you explained what happened as it had me quite confused.

    That being said, my husband & I feel very grateful to have you on our TV again. We were so very impressed with you as a person when we first saw you on “Amish in the City.” You left a very positive and unforgettable impression, so when we saw you on NATGEO we couldn’t wait to see how you were doing & how your life had progressed. We lived near Amish communities in Iowa and Illinois, but have learned so much from the stories you & the other ex-Amish have so graciously shared.

    You write of Joe Keim having a calling; I have to say that I also see that in you. You have some very special talents; you truly see & observe life around you, and you not only learn from it but you go out of your way to help others. You are an excellent communicator and you are so relatable; you have definitely made me look at a few things in my own life and inspired some positive changes. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. So I want to say thank you for being you, and for all the good you’ve done; it’s more than I think you’ll ever know.

    On a lighter note, I hope the Memorial Day sales weren’t too sluggish! The husband & I love to travel, and often say that when we’re ready to trade in our current Toyota’s for newer models that we’ll be heading to Columbia for the purchase. Maybe in the next year?

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

  14. I just finished watching episode 7. What courage it takes to share such personal experience, Mose. The Lapp brothers exude positive energy and love, how wonderful that they were able to help you. They truly do act as instruments of healing, and that healing extends to everyone who sees this show, coming right through the TV. If only more people were so open, honest, and caring of their fellow man. My heart goes out to those ex-Amish kids who are struggling so hard to make it in this world. I hope they know they have the support of many many people. Esther is a rare sprit and there is more good work for her in life that lies ahead. Bless you all.

  15. Dearest Mose, I have been truly touched by your journey. I am looking forward to when you do get baptized. Christians are baptized into the Body of Christ and not into a particular church denomination no matter who does the baptizing. Christians are baptized because Christ commands it, and any Christian (it doesn’t have to be a pastor, either) may baptize you. Personally, if I had my druthers and weren’t baptized already, I’d make a trip to Israel and be baptized in the Jordan River! Many blessings to you!

  16. Dear Mose,

    I have been praying that…. if it is something you want to do that the “way” for you to put out a CD of songs will find you. You have such phenomenal experiences to draw from and a way with words with which you could write truly lovely songs you could sing with your amazing voice. I sincerely hope that you will take up singing as an avocation and go to an open mic night and belt one out (http://openmikes.org/calendar/MO/2012/6)- I just know the standing ovation you’d receive would bring down the house.

  17. Mose, as a fellow survivor I must commend you for being so brave to talk about your past on national tv. It is difficult under private circumstances but getting it out in the open was a big major step in the right direction. You are much more able now to help those who have walked a similar path and, with your faith & strength, I believe you are headed in the direction God intends you to go.


  18. Mose when was this show filmed? Recently? I really enjoy watching you search for the answers you are seeking to help the ex-Amish kids. I pray for you and your journey to find the forgiveness that only God can bestow upon you thru your faith in what Jesus Did for you on the cross. Stay strong and lean on God for guidance and protection.

  19. My husband and I have watched every episode of your show. This past one was by far our favorite, because we were certain that you came to know Christ as your Saviour during this episode. Praise God!
    I am so impressed by your willingness to help the x- Amish and judge not (lest we be judged).
    I feel like I know a little about the Amish, I lived next to an X-Amish family who were shunned, and have read all of the Cindy Woodsmall, Beverly Lewis, and Wanda Brunstetter books.
    We enjoy your show and hope that somehow you can re-connect with your Amish family and are totally assured of your salvation in Christ.
    Blessing to you and your family!

  20. Mose: I have thoroughly enjoyed the show so far! I am confident you will find the wisdom you seek. Haveing been part of a “plain” denomination, (similar to Mennonite”, I feel I understand a bit of your trials. God bless you!

  21. Mose,

    When you were on the floor you were “resting in the spirit”. It was God’s gift to you for being faithful and trusting him. I could recognize it when you could not stand on your own feet. This happens in my church when a Charismatic service is conducted. I have experienced what you did for an hour but mine was only a few seconds. Others feel a sense of warmth or visions. The first time it happened my face was very flush. Here is website about the experience of healing. http://www.burningbush.sg/ccr/restingspirit.htm

    Some may say that this is movement is controversial in the Catholic Church. http://webmedia.jcu.edu.s3.amazonaws.com/pdf/Suenens%20Writings/Resting%20in%20the%20Spirit%20by%20Leon%20Joseph%20Suenens.pdf
    Some do not understand the comfort that comes from the experience as it looks rather dramatic. That misunderstanding comes from the same places as not understanding what it is like to be mistreated or angry or depressed. If one has never had those experiences one can not really know what it is like and would be really pressed to even have an inkling as to what that is like.

    God has blessed you. Roll with it.


  22. May God bless you in your personal growth and the work you are doing. The show is interesting, and your character, honesty and integrity are something seldom seen in “reality” TV.

  23. Mose, I’m writing this as I watch episode 7 for the 3rd time. I just want to thank you for sharing your story. You have inspired many people to look at their lives and past. It’s sometimes very difficult to confront and talk about bad things that we experienced as children or young adults. I’m looking forward to watching episode 8 and sharing more comments on your blog. Take care and God Bless

  24. Mose,

    Just wanted to drop a note of encouragement on the blog. I was so excited to read in this post that you are a born-again Christian! I was nervous for you in you search for truth. It does seem silly to have prayed all through an episode for an outcome that has already taken place, but I prayed anyway. I’m thrilled that you are finding your way. It is so easy for us to become stagnant in life. Your story and that of your ex-Amish community has been an encouragement to myself and my own family. Your honesty and transparency are refreshing. This is quality television! We have learned something new about our neighbors and have been encouraged and challenged to evaluate ourselves, our actions and our paths.

    Thanks for all the you’ve done! Many prayers and blessings to you and yours.


  25. Mose, thank you so much for allowing all that you did to be filmed. It is really helping me come to terms with something. You are so brave and wonderful to let that much of your heart be out there for everyone to see.
    Also, you have an awesome voice! You should put some of your songs on youtube, or something. I’d certainly listen. :)
    You are such an inspiring man. Your ministry definitely reaches beyond the ex Amish. You’re in my prayers.

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