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Update on Amish: Out of Order

Due to Higher then anticipated ratings of the series Amish: Out of Order, The National Geographic Channel has moved the rest of the series ahead 1 Hour so more people can see it. The rest of the series will now air at 9:00 Eastern time, and 8:00 Central time.

The Power of Healing

Episode 6 recap & 7 review

A Camry Hybrid running out of gas…. Right! So in my good ole Camry’s defense, there was just a little more to this then just running out of gas. My trusted GPS Navigation system was the bigger default here. When I got into the car to go to the baptism, I plugged in the address, and it said 26 miles to destination, 28 miles to empty. Always one to walk on the edge of the fence, I made a decision.

                                     Cameraman, Danny Gingerich, Field Producer, Uriah S.

Do I stop and get gas and show up at the last minute, or do I go to the baptism and live on a hope and a prayer that there is a gas station close by? I decided it’s more important to make the baptism. The rest is history. I get to the destination that my technologically impaired device called the GPS pointed me to, circled the 1 mile block like 4 times looking for this destination, and when I finally realized that I was at the completely wrong place, and like 20 miles from the actual baptism, it was too late. Not only couldn’t I get ahold of anyone of the few people I had made an acquaintance with in Ohio by then, because they were all at the baptism with their phones shut off to vibrate, (I assume) But I was out in the middle of nowhere Ohio, far from any gas station. I suppose it only makes sense that we narrowed the whole confusion down to me just running out of gas. Otherwise, pretty soon I would be doing a commercial for Toyota, it’s hybrid mechanism, it’s Blue tooth, and finally it’s GPS/navigation system, which, in it’s defense, I blame on a confusing Ohio land layout. Sorry, all you Buckeyers, you have some curvy roads and confusing over and under passes and intersections.
However, in all that confusion, I stumbled across Joe Keim and MAP (Mission to Amish People) Ministries. Some people Read more »

My Personal Journey

episode 5 recap, & 6 review:

I feel it is safe to say that an edited version of my road trip to Ohio, Pa, and finally to IU University, did not do it justice. The trip, indeed, was much more fulfilling then it was edited down to. For those of you who I visited and filmed with so far, those of you that did or didn’t make the cut, I want you to know that it was a pleasure, and I do really appreciate meeting you and spending the time with you. If you didn’t make the cut, it very likely wasn’t anything you did or said wrong, but rather my own fault, or once the footage got to the editing room, we discovered that it just didn’t quite fit into where I was at that point in my Journey and the story I was telling.                                                         Elsie Buggy Ride in PA.

Take for example for instance, My trip to Wisconsin, coming up in episode 6, where a large part of it was spent filming with some friends in Willard, Wi, who have a Organization called the “Christian Motorcycle Association”. They went out of their way to give me a warm welcome home, and I did enjoy my time and had some life changing times with them. I would not have guessed that a motorcycle group could be so nice and God fearing! God Bless you guys, and you will not be forgotten!
Also, I tracked down one of my old scholars that I taught in school when I was Amish. We spent a Sunday together at the old school grounds talking about old times and why he left, and how I may or may not have changed his life. There is only one problem. During most of the time, we were sitting on opposite ends of a teeter totter board, and yes, going up and down. As you can imagine, once this got into the editing room, there was no way to make this scene work that has 2 grown men playing together on a child school playground that would work, if you know what I mean.
I was truly impressed by the differences in the Amish communities Read more »