6 thoughts on “An Ex-Amish Independence

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  2. Have you considered writing a book about your life? I loved this beginning. The story would be even better written in the 1st person. I really encourage you to tell the story of what it was like living as an Amish and how you wanted to be free and why. Then your journey into the world and your impressions of all the modern trappings and maybe even your reactions to the modern moral climate.

    Then you can talk about how you got on the first TV show and what that was like, kind of a behind the scenes chapter, then the second show. I would really love to read a book like that. Just write honestly about your experiences and your thoughts, impressions and inner struggles with life in general.

    I think you have a lot to say and have insights and wisdom that is unique with a fresh perspective.


    1. Oh great! I will look forward to it. If you are going to self-publish I know some things about that and I can help. We discussed some of this in the chat program, Kik. Karen

  3. Mose, this is awesome. I can feel all the trepidation and emotion of leaving, making it on your own, without the people that should be supporting you. I was never Amish, but I grew up in a super conservative church, and I left at 17. This was really awesome to read. I resonate. It’s great to hear that you’ll be publishing in the future!

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