9 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2014

  1. I would like to join. Team name Amish Ninjas.

    BTW, I will hold the drawing Friday night at around 10 PM Eastern time.

    Once the teams have been determined, I will email each selected team an invite link to the league. That should give you enough time to prepare for the draft on Sunday night.

    I have received over a dozen personal emails from people interested in joining. I reckon I’ll just use those, but would still prefer to have them post it here as well.

  2. Hi Mose! I’d love to join, although I’ll be getting lots of advice from my brother if that’s alright. Our team name will be Sully Sibs.

  3. I am honored to make your league Mose and I look forward to an exciting season. Team name is Man in Black

    BTW are your fellow ex amish buddies in to fantasy football ?

  4. Hey Mose,
    Got your email and replied a couple times. Didnt know about this blog and how you determined who got in. Where can I see if Skol made the cut?


    I had enough people wish to join, that I felt sorry for the one’s that didn’t get drawn. Therefore I started a second league. It is called “Amish Footballers II”. (Quite creative, not) In the second league, the final reward to the winner is exactly the same as in the first league except I’m capping my budget at $150. When the winner arrives, I will pay him or her that amount in cash, but the rest is on them.

    Both leagues are open to the public to view.

    Here are the teams that made the first league:

    Mose: Amish Ninjas

    Don: Obumanu Care

    Mike: RB’s for dinner

    Tim: Man in Black

    Jennifer: Flacco Fury

    Jeremy: Amish Steel

    Daniel: Johnsonville United

    Ryan: William’s Angels

    Jennifer: Pink Chasers

    Art: Texas Ironman

    Rob: Prestige Worldwide

    Chandler: RescueMeASB


    The draft in league two will happen Wednesday night at 10 PM eastern, 9 PM central time. Almost all of the spots are already filled up, but if you desire to get in, email me at mosesgingerich@aol.com. I will try and work you in as well.

    I will post here the draft order and who made it after Wednesday night…..

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