12 thoughts on “The Midlife Crisis

  1. I think I’m still having a mid-life crisis at 60. Have a Happy Birthday Mose. Your looking good. Be blessed from a fellow believer in Jesus Christ.

  2. Mose,I enjoyed your video very much, thanks for sharing and a happy belated birthday. Hope I missed out on the “Grammer police” LOL. ;-)

  3. 34? Man, you are young. Prime of life. Young enough to do things like water ski, play football, limbo, handstands, etc. – but old enough to have the good sense and wisdom to live well.

    Here’s the problem: you are a father. One day when your kids are in their teens or early 20’s, you will get up, go to the bathroom, and look in the mirror – and you will wonder who that old man is. And then it will hit you – that you gave your best years to your kids and those years are behind you. I guess our kids deserve our best.

    But no despair – lots of good years left, Lord willing. I’m going to be a grandpa in the spring. I hear it doesn’t get better than that.

    Happy Birthday Mose. :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Mose :)

    Wait until you hit 38.. 39 this year. It’s all downhill from here!

    My legs hurt just watching you water ski. I’ve never done it before.
    Take Care :)

  5. Impressive! I think the most impressive was the water skiing- I kept thinking of how easy it would be to do the splits- but you never did. lol

  6. Mose, Happy Birthday! Every Birthday is a gift from God, and we are never too old to enjoy the good things in our lives, like our families, our friends, and the opportunities that life offers us. As long as our HEALTH is good, we should be able to appreciate our one life that we have been given. I was very happy to hear your voice on the video, as I miss hearing it.

  7. A very happy belated birthday Mose. You deserve all the goodness that has come your way, by just being you! Health is the REAL thing to have and you still have that, no diseases along the way that affect your life negatively! So enjoy enjoy enjoy your health, as it truly IS EVERYTHING!!! Love Light and Aloha

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