7 thoughts on “A Forgettable Night

  1. lol I occurs to me that the laugh was on you- by Raymond! He was/is a comedian, remember, and how better to pull a trick on someone?

    Go back and pull his beard!

    Never fear- you reacted like any normal person, and the audience knows that.

  2. Unrelated reply… Currently I’m working in customer service for a cable company that is mostly nationwide. I took a call from Missouri yesterday and the customer’s voice completely reminded me of yours! Different name, so I know it wasn’t you, but it was funny that that popped into my head while taking calls.

    Thanks for sharing Mose. I think it shows that we’re well adjusted (or getting there) when we can look back and laugh SOME of the traumatic events in our life, or at least relay the event without being a victim of that event again. :)

  3. The sign of a mature man is self-awareness: knowing why we are and aren’t and what we are good at and not. Unfortunately, the only way we can find that out is to step out in front of people and try something. That’s OK as long as we don’t repeat the same mistake twice!

    Given your testimony, make some more documentaries that share Amish/ex-Amish culture with us. Also, stay off the stage! :)

  4. Dude, when I read the clip clop bang joke just now, I busted out laughing. I would have been laughing hysterically if I were in that audience. :D I think every one of us has some kind of extremely embarrassing thing happen to us in our lifetime, so join the club. I challenge any one in that audience to do better.

  5. Oh Mose! I can only imagine your shock at being left alone onstage! I agree that the retelling of the story would be much funnier! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello everyone, it is I RAYMOND the Amish Comic here. I was there that night and I guess people remember things differently but I remember an entirely different night. In as much as it is 2 o’clock in the morning, I’m much too tired to type it out right now. Tomorrow is another day.

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