4 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. Mose, I LOVED this blog post! I have a group of friends that are all BIG country music fans. We too, are eagerly awaiting those concert dates. We live all over the United States and Canada and are hoping, like you, to get tickets to see Garth and have a reunion seeing each other. Your excitement about the concert made me smile as it is a feeling I easily recognize! Good luck getting those front row seats…you NEVER KNOW! (Those are my words to live by when it comes to concerts!) One of my friends and I are lucky enough to have SIXTH row seats for the final George Strait concert in Dallas in June. Like you, distance doesn’t hold us back!

  2. First off, I would like to thank you for taking me back to what little i remember of 1994. I was a munchkin then at 2 years old. Still i can just barely remember my mom and cousin being Garth Brooks addicts. Not just fans, addicts. Now that you have made me remember my childhood i generally can’t remember for the most part i have one word of advice. If you get the chance go to one of his shows. From what i have heard the experience can’t be beat. If you get to go hope you have a great time.

  3. My grandpa used to say: “There’s only two kinds of music – country and western. The rest of it is just noise.”

    Your story took me back to being a lad myself and listening to far away AM stations at night. Thanks.

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