6 thoughts on “The Wake Up Call

  1. WOW!!!! Thank you , Moses for sharing this story. It took lots of courage to write up this story, and sharing your feeling as well what the other couple gone thru. My prayers are with you all.

  2. God put you in their path for a reason. It was to ensure that he didn’t leave this world before his time to go. Everything happens for a reason, in it’s own time, according to God’s plan. Keeping you all in my prayers!

    1. I agree…..No one goes from this life until God ok’s it. Our days are numbered. We do not always know….how God can USE such a tragedy either as life goes on. So much goes on behind the scenes of this world we can not understand. So in Faith…we TRUST HIM.

  3. The Good Lord knows what will happen in the future. Thank goodness you listened to the angel that whispered in your ear.

  4. I read this earlier today and been thinking on it all day. I know how you feel Mose, in regards to coming to that realization that anything you do both in a business setting or personal setting reflect on you. I try to remind myself of this simple quote a lot especially when people get upset with me because i refuse to fix a vehicle in an unsafe manor or drive a vehicle or pull a trailer with a load that I don’t feel is safely secured. Glad to hear they survived it, it’s amazing what is being done in research and development on new vehicles. I’m going to school for auto repair now and i’m used to working on older stuff, usually stuff that’s been used and abused. I see some of the new technology and my head spins.

    Here is the quote i mentioned above.
    “Cattle die, kinsmen die, you must likewise die. One thing I know that never dies is a dead man’s reputation.”

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